Mom, you are Perfectly Positioned to be a Virtual Assistant

Mom, you are Perfectly Positioned to be a Virtual Assistant

Sometimes being a mom feels a bit like being a Virtual Assistant - the voice controlled electronic kind. But instead of “Alexa!” You have people shouting “Mom!” at you all day.

“Mom, can you make me some dinner? Mom, do you know where my hockey socks are?” While you may not enjoy this side of the job description, the good news is that motherhood does prepare you well for being a Virtual Assistant… the non-electronic kind.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Before you get yourself fitted with robot parts, let’s start with what exactly is a Virtual Assistant? Virtual Assistants, or VAs as they’re often referred to, are precisely what the name says: a person who provides support services to a business from a remote location, often a home or a co-working office environment. From administrative tasks to graphic design to strategy, Virtual Assistants can assist with almost anything a business needs help with. There is some overlap between Virtual Assistants and freelancers, but Virtual Assistants include positions not associated with freelancing such as administration and financial management. Whereas freelancing is mostly associated with the creative advertising industry. Let’s delve into why mothers make great Virtual Assistants.

Without even realising it, mothers are already qualified for many VA positions

While some Virtual Assistant positions need more specific skills, there are plenty of roles available which could make use of skills you already have. For example, posting updates for a company’s social media accounts. If you know your TikTok from your Twitter and are a creative writer with top notch organisational skills, you’ve more than likely got what it takes to fill a role like this.

Mothers are equipped with enhanced soft skills

To be a good Virtual Assistant you need excellent soft skills. Soft skills include but are not limited to communication skills, conflict resolution, the ability to multi-task, compassion and the ability to work under pressure. This grouping of interpersonal skills relates to how an employee works and is vital in any Virtual Assistant role. Many women find their soft skills enhanced after becoming a mother and these skills should be embraced as strengths as they add value in the role of Virtual Assistant.

Mothers are well positioned to handle changes in work schedule

One of the biggest perks of being a VA is the flexibility of the hours. You can work when it suits you and your schedule. Sometimes a Virtual Assistant job will offer set hours per week or per month, other times the hours will change each week or month depending on the workload. For stay at home moms, this kind of flexibility won’t seem like a challenge, it is most definitely a perk. If your schedule changes and you end up with an extra hour free one week, that’s an extra load of laundry that gets done or the chance to work on a new skill.

How to get hired as a Virtual Assistant with RecruitMyMom

RecruitMyMom has broad categories of Virtual Assistants available for hire to our clients. These are:

  • Administration
  • Personal Assistants
  • Business Development And Sales
  • Data Analytics
  • Content Editing and Creation
  • Marketing and Graphic Design
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Customer Support
  • IT
  • Transcription and Translation
  • Other

A client will request a Virtual Assistant for a specific number of hours per week or month. RecruitMyMom is constantly interviewing and vetting Virtual Assistants to be part of our pool of available resources for the growing demand by clients to outsource work. No matter what your skill set looks like, we've got space for you on our database of skilled moms.

Register for free on RecruitMyMom today. Once registered, complete your online CV and indicate on your profile that you want to be a Virtual Assistant.  Sign up to our newsletter and job alerts to keep up to date with new jobs available. Follow RecruitMyMom on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn for regular job alerts. We operate nationally in South Africa, and globally for Virtual Assistants in UK, Europe, USA and Middle East.


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