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I totally love this idea! This concept is great to help skilled Moms who want to earn some income without necessarily committing to a full time job and can do it in their spare time. I couldn’t help but share more about Recruit My Mom today as I know so many of you out there are looking for great ways of earning additional income. So, without further ado, here’s more about Recruit My Mom!

About Recruit My Mom

Recruit My Mom is a network of hundreds of skilled, experienced Moms throughout South Africa, that offer their skills to companies on a flexible, part-time job, project or work-from-home basis.  Almost all the Moms have either university degrees or diploma’s and all have at least two years working experience.

The service is FREE to employers, there are no charges at all. We have well over 70 different skills ranging from administration, teaching to accounting and project managers.

As a skilled Mom network member you get access to all jobs posted on the site, invitations to events and support. Samples of jobs posted can be seen on Facebook, or on

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