The One Good Thing that Came of Ivanka Trump’s New Book

The One Good Thing That Came Of Ivanka Trumps New Book

Ivanka Trump’s new book Women Who Work has caused more controversy than she perhaps anticipated.

While it is wonderful for someone like Ivanka to have hopes and dreams and passions for “having it all”, the reality is vastly different for the majority of working moms.

What her book has done at least, is open up the debate on the work-life balance and what constitutes a realistic picture of the working mom. For that we thank her, but we would like to set the record straight….


Reality vs fiction

Financial pressures combined with increasingly demanding schedules mean that finding the balance is not simple or economically viable for the average family.

“Make time for yourself to have a massage.”

What working moms don’t need is a book simply filled with inspirational quotes in the hope that this will somehow change the entrenched and antiquated way of thinking about the workplace, and particularly the role of mothers in this space.


Setting the record straight

What working moms really need is for people and businesses to champion the cause around flexible and time-wise working. For people to challenge stigmas around conventional working hours and for companies to begin embracing a more productive and effective future of work.

There is a huge pool of highly talented and successful women who are looking to remain relevant in the workplace while balancing this with raising a family. Instead of simply dismissing this group, companies should look to take advantage of their skills through cost-effective and highly productive on-demand work practices.

As a society, we also need to understand that the demands on working moms to balance work and family are but for a season. A time comes again when moms are able to fully refocus on their careers, and research shows that women who come back into the workspace when their family needs lessen are highly motivated and full of energy to take on a career.


So what can we do?

RecruitMyMom continues to strive towards changing mindsets and ultimately actions in the flexible workspace. It is not an easy journey, as many companies – particularly larger firms – are reluctant to implement policies or make changes to current work practices.

This is despite a growing, worldwide demand for this type of work and endless research which shows that flexible workers are in fact more productive and can actually benefit companies financially.

We need to have more open and meaningful conversations about flexible and time-wise working and the benefits that are clearly being established by this approach. Finding the work-life balance is possible through practical and implementable policy changes which will open up the workspace to retain skilled women on a part-time or flexible basis.

RecruitMyMom is an online agency networked with thousands of skilled, experienced women throughout South Africa. Skilled women who fill the skill and resource gaps in organisations by offering skilled solutions for all part-time jobs, flexible work hours, work-from-home jobs, project work, maternity cover and contract job requirements. For more info head to

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