Time saving tips for busy working moms

Time saving tips for busy working moms

Being a mom is hard work, but being a working mom is even harder! We, at RecruitMyMom, understand the pressures that a working mom is under; from taking care of your children, preparing meals, dealing with household responsibilities and the stress of balancing a career.

It can feel at times as if you are a circus juggler, trying not to drop any of the balls!

Pharma Dynamics, a leading pharmaceutical firm specialising in the treatment of depression and anxiety, surveyed 900 working moms between the ages of 25 and 55. They found that 38% of working moms were frequently stretched to breaking point.

As working moms, we spend most of our time trying to figure out the best way to cope with our chaotic lives and how to balance it all.

Work-life integration is difficult, but it is possible. We have compiled some timesaving tips from our own experiences to help moms win at integrating work and life.


Preparing lunch boxes the night before

Avoid the hectic morning rush by preparing the kid’s lunch boxes the night before. Spend some quality time with your kids the night before and let them get involved in helping you make their lunch boxes. You can let them browse in the fridge and cupboards and let them choose what they would like, obviously within reason. Chances are you will get an empty lunchbox when they get home as they would have enjoyed the food that they picked for their lunch. 

At the same time as preparing their lunch boxes, pack something for yourself as well to take to work, so that’s one less thing to worry about in the morning.


Timesaving tips to get dinner on the table

Nobody feels like cooking for the family after an exhausting day,  so do your grocery shopping and cooking on the weekend and then freeze some meals for during the week.  On the nights that you do have to cook, don’t overthink it, just stick to easy, quick nutritional meals. Other options are to support local moms who make a living out of cooking healthy homemade meals or to sign up to dinner kit services like UCook or Daily Dish.


Set up carpools with other working moms

Instead of spending your day in and out of the car, fetching and dropping your kids, organize a carpool with other working moms you know and trust so that you can all save time by sharing the lifts to and from school.


Learning to say “No” can save time

Being a working mom is often accompanied by feelings of guilt...moms’ feeling guilty about not being able to spend enough time with their children, not being able to watch sports matches or attend cultural functions and not being a good enough mother. You really don’t have to attend every meeting at school, go on all the school outings or take on additional work at the office.  It’s tough to say no, but it’s a way to save time as well as teaching your kids the value of setting boundaries. 

“Sometimes we need to say no so that we have more time to say yes”  - Suzette Hinton.


Be productive with your downtime

Use your downtime to your benefit by making it productive so that you have more quality time to spend with your family. 

When you have a few minutes to spare, while you’re waiting in the car for the dance class or the cricket practice to finish, check your emails, do your internet banking or check your social media. 

It’s okay to spend time on Facebook and Instagram, but as we all know, you can get carried away with this and before you know it, hours have passed. Set a timer while you are on these platforms, and once the timer goes off, then you know that your time is up. This is a good tip to pass onto your kids as well – they don’t need to be on their phones all the time to be entertained.


Enjoy an hour of alone time first thing in the morning

Wake up an hour earlier than anyone else in the house. Take a shower and get yourself dressed, do your hair and put your make-up on so you are ready for the day. Enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee while you enjoy some quiet time enjoying the silence by either reading, listening to calming music, praying, meditating, checking your social media or doing whatever puts you in a positive frame of mind for the day.


Remember moms you are not alone and the stress you feel is normal...we are not superheroes and should not try to be.

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