Top 10 staffing trends for 2020

Top 10 staffing trends for 2020

Over the past decade the recruitment process has undergone a huge transformation with the help of technological tools and advancements that have shifted the way companies are hiring staff, making the process more efficient and streamlined. The expansion of technology is likely to continue this year as it appears to have strongly influenced the 2020 work trends, and is set to continue well beyond this year. This article outlines the top ten staffing trends that can help you optimize your workforce and will arguably shape the future of work in 2020 and thereafter.


Hiring virtual assistants

Instead of hiring an in-office employee, companies are now getting virtual assistance through virtual assistants who work remotely. These virtual employees or contractors can take over almost anything a business requires, from accounting, content writing to diary management.

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An automated onboarding process

As there are increasingly more technological tools being used in a business, onboarding for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can be a tedious task where important processes are often overlooked. There are a number of onboarding software packages now available for SMEs. Click here to see a review of the top five. 

Hire contractual staff

Companies can benefit from contracting staff to do specific projects as opposed to hiring one employee permanently which would require a monthly salary and benefits. The company would therefore only hire on-demand skills when it is required.

Using social media to screen candidates

Staffing professionals are now using social media to do background checks on prospective candidates and to ensure that the information provided on their application is correct.

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Offering Returnships

What is a Returnship? In short a returnship is an internship for more experienced people who have been out of the job market for a time and wish to re-enter the workplace, accepting a lower salary as they become more accustomed to a new skill or work in general. This is useful for companies who are wanting to increase their gender diversity in senior management positions, or in a particular department where newer IT skills are required and need to be trained.  Returnships have been used successfully for gender diversity by companies like Mastercard  for mothers who looking to rejoin the workforce after a career break

Job sharing

Although this trend has not gained much traction in South Africa, job sharing has become increasingly popular in first world countries. Companies can hire two people on a part-time basis to do the job of one person, and get double the talent.

Implementing flexible working

More and more companies are offering flexible working as it benefits the employer, employee as well as the economy. According to Global Workplace Analytics the number of people who work from home have increased by 140% since 2005 as businesses are offering employees part-time, flexi-time or work from home job opportunities. Companies will have increased productivity and reduced costs. Employees benefit by spending less time in the traffic, higher productivity and more time at home where they can enjoy improved work-life integration, resulting in better employee well being.

Texting employees

With the entrance of Gen Z into the workforce companies are now communicating with employees using messaging apps such as Whatsapp. It is quick and convenient as people are rarely without their mobile phones. Although contact should only be made during working hours to avoid invasion of privacy.

Investing in co-working spaces

According to global real estate giant Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) ‘flexible working spaces are set to grow up to 30% annually for the next five years’. In 2019 the global coworking statistics revealed that South Africa had over 100 coworking spaces. This fairly new trend has emerged as a result of increased flexible working options. With so many people working from home and/or part-time, more and more businesses are opting to downsize to a smaller office or sharing a space with another company. Co-working spaces can save the business money as well as provide greater networking opportunities.

Hiring to reskill

With the skills gap becoming increasingly wider in South Africa, companies are hiring candidates based on the skills they currently have, so that at a later stage they can be up skilled to perform an additional/function within the company. This is a good way to retain staff who are a good cultural fit.

All of these trends present a unique opportunity to improve the recruitment process. At RecruitMyMom we understand that your needs are constantly changing according to trends. With years of experience in hiring differently we can find you the perfect candidate to match each trend. places highly skilled talent into permanent and contract part-time and flexible positions. Post a job. It’s free – pay only on success

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