How do I hire a virtual assistant?

I need a virtual assistant! An often heard question from busy business owners that desperately need help albeit administrative assistance or any other skill. 

How do you go about hiring or finding a virtual assistant? RecruitMyMom's virtual assist support is the answer you seek. 

Hire a Virtual Assistant from RecruitMyMom - Virtual Assist Support

Simply load a job specification here >>  of what you require, and one of our trained Recruiters will source, interview and provide you with the best virtual assistant. 

You can employ them on your payroll or hire them as an Independent Consultant through RecruitMyMom. 

Post your Job for free and pay only for success. 

Types of Virtual Assistant Roles we provide include : 

Office and Administration virtual support

Digital Marketing, including social media content writers and customer support. 

Personal Assistant - yes hire a virtual PA! Ask your PA to do the chores you do not have time for. 

Hire Virtual Financial support at varying levels from Bookkeepers to CA's, and cloud-based accounting services in programmes like Xero. 

Researchers for all levels of research can be done virtually. 

Legal support and consultants work virtually. 

HR support and consultants that like to work virtually are available on RecruitMyMom