What warranty is in place if the candidate leaves?


Should the permanent placement of the RecruitMyMom-Candidate not be successful within 3 (three) months of appointment of start date, and the services of the Candidate is terminated lawfully by the Client or Candidate as per the provisions of the LRA, RecruitMyMom must be given the opportunity to replace the candidate with another candidate and no additional placement fee will be charged for the 2nd placement. This warranty is on condition that there is no difference between the remuneration of candidates. Should there be a difference in remuneration, the difference will be worked into the fee reconciliation.  

Should a suitable replacement candidate not be found within 45 days, from the date of receiving a written request to replace the successful candidate by the Client, the following refund calculated from the day notice is given to RecruitMyMom will be applicable:  

Permanent Placement (10% fee) : 

Within 30 days a credit of 80% of the fee to apply

Within 60 days a credit of 60% of the fee to apply

Within 90 days a credit of 40% of the fee to apply