Gender Diversity Jobs

At RecruitMyMom we work with forward-thinking employers who respect work-life integration and career enhancement for women. We will assist with your company to fill roles for gender equity jobs.  

Achieving gender equality is considered to be the essential factor for competitiveness and growth of any organisation. Gender inequality in the workplace has plagued the local and global economy for many years.  It needs to be addressed by integrating women as an important part of the workforce in general. If it is not done our economy as a whole will lose out on skills, ideas, improved decision-making, and perspectives that are essential to address the global challenges and to harness new ideas and opportunities. 

Research conducted by McKinsey (2017) shows that gender-diverse leadership in companies is 21% more likely to produce above-average profitability, while ethnically and culturally diverse leadership is 33% more likely to outperform. In this article, we look at the gender leak experienced in organisations despite higher female graduate intake, and ways to prevent it. 

A PWC study reveals that 95% of women believe that flexibility which allows them to balance work and family life is important.  According to Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017, companies that implement flexible work arrangements have a positive impact on the overall work-life balance of their staff. 

RecruitMyMom will find you high calibre women for gender equality jobs. 

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