Skilled flexible and part-time staffing solutions places high calibre, skilled candidates with employers seeking part-time & flexible staff. In office and work from home jobs. 

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ABOUT US is an online recruiting agency servicing companies wanting to source skilled and experienced Moms offering their skills for flexible, part-time and virtual work.  From Accountants, Marketers, Finance to Zoologists we place them all. We place Moms into office, work-from-home and virtual jobs. Membership is free for Moms and Employers pay rates from 5% only on success.  We are a BEE Level 4 Rated Company. 

Part-time and flexible workers are powerful. Hour for hour research has proven that part-timers are more productive that full-time workers. 

What our Employers value about our Candidates & Consultants: 

  1. They are emotionally mature.
  2. They are empathetic employees.
  3. They are experienced from day one.
  4. They are qualified and professional.
  5. They require very little management.
  6. They don’t job-hop.
  7. They are highly productive and task oriented.
  8. They value the opportunity to apply their skills part-time.

Our Mission

To place professional and experienced candidates who seek meaningful time-wise, part-time employment with forward-thinking companies who need skilled reduced-hour or flexible workers to help take their company to the next level. 

Who are we? 

Passionate initiator Phillipa Geard, founder and CEO of RecruitMyMom, has seen great success in her innovative business. Inspired by the talents and abilities of many mothers who are a great asset in business provided they are given the flexibility they require, she started her online business in 2012.

The team includes experienced Recruitment Managers managing different areas of the business, office staff and assistants. 

RecruitMyMom was a finalist in the 567 Cape Talk Sage Pastel Small Business Awards in 2013. On this site employers are able to post their vacancies, and pay highly competitive placement fees. The company has seen tremendous growth in the freelance and consultant area where RecruitMyMom places consultants with clients locally and virtually with global clients. 

Whilst Phillipa's faith, family values and strong social conscience ground her, her business philosophy and passion inspire others. Professional, articulate and energising, Phillipa loves sharing her success story and vision with audiences, small and large.

Phillipa is backed by a team of professionals who assist her in the business, all of whom work virtually from home-based offices.


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