Finweek: South Africa's Mothers hard at work

Finweek : Moms hard at work

Article by Lisa Illingworth Finweek Magazine 

The maternal employment debate rages on between those who believe that mothers are happier and more fulfilled when they take on both the roles of a parent and that of a career woman, and those who argue for the child and the effects on the family unit and development of the child if the mother cannot focus her full attention on her family because she is working.

The effects on the well-being of the family may be a highly contentious issue that raises the blood pressure of many in the education sector, but the reality is that many households cannot survive on a single income. The patriarchal stereotype that the mother is the caregiver and household manager while the father is the breadwinner applies less than ever.

SA's Mothers hard at work. Working Mother's working part-time jobs.