Financial Manager

Short Job Description: 

Fixed  Duration role available for 40 hours per month to manage a team of remote-working accountants for a firm that specialises in small businesses. Experience and good references are more important than qualifications. Experience in running your own accounting firm would help a lot. Start 1 August 2020.

Where will the candidate work from, if not home based? (Town/Suburb or state work-from-home): 
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Flexible working hours
Main area of expertise for this position: 
Financial Management
Required Qualification: 
2-3 years management level experience
Required computer program skills: 
No requirements, knowledge of Quickbooks or Quickbooks Online, Receipt Bank and Simple Pay would be a plus
Estimated hours: 
Remuneration in ZAR: 
R10,000 - R16,000 depending on experience and hours
Remuneration term: 
Job posting date: 
Monday, May 11, 2020
Full Job Description: 

We need a friendly and efficient person to temporarily handle the management of our accounting company. The owner will still be present but cannot be 100% hands-on because of other commitments. Experience and good references is more important than qualifications. There is very little training available for this role, you need to be able to step in and do the tasks appointed to you. Duties will include:

-A certain amount of boring bookkeeping data capture

-A certain amount of more interesting high-level accounting work

-A tiny bit of payroll administration

-Monthly SARS returns: PAYE and VAT

-Annual SARS returns: provisional tax, income tax and EMP501s

-Other annual statutory returns: COID and CIPC annual returns

We basically need someone to step in for the owner and take over her day-to-day duties. She handles the full accounts for two clients, payroll for two entities, all PAYE returns (at this point 17), account checks on all 28 clients (all small businesses, very few complications) and the occasional submission of VAT returns (15 in total, but spread over the two different submission periods).

You would need to handle new client enquiries, quotations and onboarding as well as ongoing queries from current clients that the bookkeepers cannot handle themselves. There are four staff members to manage: one full time and three part-time. They all work from home on flexi-time, the only requirement for them is to meet the deadlines set for them. You would basically need to allocate new client work to them and to make sure they are meeting their deadlines, or be able to make another plan if they notify you that they cannot.

In certain circumstances, you may be asked to attend a meeting with a client or prospective client - but these will be by arrangement and only if you agree.

We are 100% cloud-based. We work with Receipt Bank, Quickbooks Online and Simple Pay for the accounting and payroll. We use Asana for task management and we use Google Drive and Dropbox for file sharing. Knowledge of these programmes will help you, but they are all super easy to learn so prior knowledge is not a requirement. You must, however, be comfortable with the online world and working in the cloud and using phone apps.

The central point of our ethos is that we genuinely care about our clients. You need to be someone who takes your work personally - you do NOT have to take it home with you after office hours, but when you are busy with a client or with firm work, we need you to be 100% there and 100% invested in the well being of our clients. This is more important to the owner than a degree. Normally we would also make an allowance for a lack of experience, but as mentioned in the short description, there is little to no training available for this role. The only training to be provided is for the software and our company protocols. You need to know how to fulfil your function without mentorship, so you will need to already know how to do the accounting work, how to answer technical accounting queries, how to run a payroll, how to do the SARS (and the other) returns and how to manage a team.

This contract is available for a 6 month period. It will involve a 2-month probation (probation works both ways - you need to be happy with us too), after which if neither party has cancelled the contract it cannot be cancelled for a further 4 months. There is the possibility of renewal, but no guarantee. The possibility of renewal is based on outside factors that are not under our control, at least, not at this point in time.

Application process:
Before applying check that your CV is comprehensive and that the roles and responsibilities demonstrate your capabilities and experience rather than a list of tasks. Always write in full sentences. You have up to 12 places of previous employment to demonstrate your skills, use as many as you feel are required but always include more than one. Write a motivational email explaining why you should be considered for the role. The motivational email will be seen before the CV and is submitted to the client with the CV. If you have not heard back within 14-21 days please assume the application was not successful.

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