Human Resources Manager

Short Job Description: 

A scientific research organisation is looking for a half-day in office / remote HR Manager to support business growth as it pertains to HR. The role requires strong policies and governance experience.  

Where will the person be based? (Town/Suburb/work-from-home/remote): 
Tokai, office
Select which one of these best describes the role: 
Part-time hours
Main area of expertise required: 
Human Resources / HR
Required Qualification: 
HR Management, Industrial Psychology
List of required computer software skills: 
MS Office
Estimated hours: 
3 - 4
Remuneration in ZAR: 
R210.00 - R250.00
Remuneration term: 
Job posting date: 
Monday, October 5, 2020
Full Job Description: 


Work with the business leadership and staff to ensure the development and implementation of company HR strategies, policies, directives and procedures 

  • Continually developing HR policies in accordance with South African Labour Law, in consultation with staff and by proactively acting on issues that arise and feedback received; 
  • Reflecting all changes to HR policies in the business handbook to ensure concise, clear guidelines are available to staff; and 
  • Effectively implementing HR policies. 
  • Work in an advisory capacity with management to ensure the effective implementation of HR policies and directives in light of South African Labour Law. This will include: 
  • Assisting management staff in interpreting and implementing HR policies and directives 
  • Training and developing the skills of Team Leads (or other assigned staff) to enhance their understanding of the policies and procedures set out in the company handbook in order to effectively deal with day-to-day personnel issues; and 
  • Ensuring all staff are aware of their benefits, rights and obligations and maintain administration of these in accordance with the company handbook and South African Labour Law. 
  • As part of the development of HR strategies and policies, establish and implement an Equal Opportunities Policy in relation to staff recruitment, development and management to ensure staff do not suffer unfair discrimination for any reason. 
  • Develop and coordinate staff development and talent management strategies to continually improve staff competency, leadership capacity and performance. 
  • Coordinating the company performance management system, including periodically reviewing and updating the system and the customization of KPIs for individual roles; 
  • Managing, tracking, monitoring and recording all staff performance reviews; 
  • Developing and maintaining a mentoring programme for all interested staff; 
  • Establishing and developing a staff training programme; and 
  • Facilitating the sourcing and delivery of training courses as required. 
  • Develop and implement grievance and disciplinary procedures in accordance with the company handbook and South African Labour Law. 
  • Developing and implementing grievance and disciplinary procedures with particular attention to sexual harassment, staff wellness and overtime; 
  • Arranging weekly meetings with COO to refine and implement HR strategies; 
  • Resolving conflicts through positive and professional mediation; 
  • Overseeing disciplinary procedures; and  
  • Conducting regular check-ins with all staff. 
  • Track timesheets, overtime and compliance with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.  
  • Support management in tracking staff capacity and workloads. 
  • Develop and maintain job descriptions. 
  • Evaluating and updating existing job descriptions; 
  • Working with staff to ensure agreement and understanding of roles; 
  • Annually reviewing and updating job descriptions in consultation with relevant staff; and 
  • Ensuring that changes to job descriptions arising from promotions or other changes are reflected in staff contracts. 
  • Manage recruitment, including: 
  • Screening applicants and tracking applications; 
  • Managing the interview and testing process;  
  • managing staff onboarding and exit procedures; and 
  • Compiling contracts for incoming staff and updating them as necessary. 
  • Manage and administrate remuneration and other staffing costs. 
  • Support the Officer Manager in handling leave and payroll queries. 
  • Coordinate ceding of contracts in individual staff names. 
  • Support non-South African staff with visas/work permits and related administration. 

Application process:
Before applying check that your CV is comprehensive and that the roles and responsibilities demonstrate your capabilities and experience rather than a list of tasks. Always write in full sentences. You have up to 12 places of previous employment to demonstrate your skills, use as many as you feel are required but always include more than one. Write a motivational email explaining why you should be considered for the role. The motivational email will be seen before the CV and is submitted to the client with the CV. If you have not heard back within 14-21 days please assume the application was not successful.

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