Personal/Admin Assistant

Short Job Description: 

The company specialises in pre-paid electricity solutions in Africa. The Export Director needs assistance with a number of administrative tasks which ranges from assistance with the relocation of private offices and personal residence, filing of personal taxes and creating of a filing system. This is a 1 month fixed duration contract that may be renewed dependent on suitability to the role. 

Where will the person be located? (Town/Suburb/Remote): 
Hybrid - Office Midrand and home
Select which one of these best describes the role: 
Hybrid - office & remote
Main area of expertise required: 
Administration - Office
Personal Assistants
Required Qualification: 
Relevant qualification advantageous but not essential
List of required computer software skills: 
MS Suite, Excel (intermediate at least), well versed in new technologies would be an advantage
Estimated hours: 
Open to discuss hours that suits both parties
Remuneration in ZAR: 
R15k - R18k per month
Remuneration term: 
Job posting date: 
Friday, September 10, 2021
Full Job Description: 

Personal/Admin Assistant Johannesburg


The Export Finances Director requires a menthodical and highly organised Assistant to assist with various personal and administrative tasks. The property where the offices and residence has been held for 25 years is being sold as from January 2022 and lots need sorting out before December 2021.


Personality: Someone calm and with a happy disposition, accommodating and flexible, trustworthy able to work with confidential information, very organized, likes tidiness, likes to sort things out, able to work alone, hands-on, happy to assist with any task required. Able to keep things confidential and work exclusively with the Executive. 


Work hours: flexible / can be full time or part-time; but with the focus of the task at hand

Workspace: work at the office and at home (must have a dedicated working space at home when working from home with no distractions)

Software: MS suite, Excell (intermediate at least), well versed in new technologies would be an advantage

Own laptop required to work from home and office

Own car required as you may be required to travel only occasionally – will be reimbursed. 


First tasks to start with:

Personal Taxes:

  •           Logbook2021
  •           Logbook2022
  •           Medical Aid Expenses reconciliation 2021
  •           Medical Aid Expenses reconciliation 2021
  •           Properties expenses schedule 2021
  •           Properties expenses schedule 2022 (current)
  •           Filing / label scan Tax2020
  •           Filing / label scan Tax2021
  •           Will documents (to be typed)
  •           Contract documents to be type/fill in

The above are all done on Excel. Note files are to be sorted and documents to be filed; currently unorganized.

Other urgent admin tasks:

  •           Passports renewals (RSA + French)
  •           Renewal of phone contract

Properties and Office Move:

  •           This is the biggest task. We hope to have secured new premises to rent from 1st November, so we can move all houses and offices slowly before we need to exit our current property in                    January 2022. We need to move 3 families and 1 office.
  •           The task here is to contact estate agents, research potential rental properties and present them to me for review, possibly to do a first viewing before I would go.
  •           In parallel to searching for rental properties, we need to start packing up our offices. I do not want to lose important documents or information in the process. So I would like this person to                  create a sort of Data Base for contacts and information, and for file archiving. All the files/papers in my office must be sorted and filed/archived; same with my export department files.
  •           All files that are archived needs to be scanned and saved in an external drive and on the cloud, and a hard copy must be kept and filed.
  •           We do not have a good system at the moment. It would be best to start a new properly recorded filling/archiving system (excel or other)
  •           Help manage the move/relocation
  •           Obtain quotes from removal companies, organize and manage the removal



  •           As part of sorting out the office, we have 20 years of photos that I would like to have sorted into albums (project photos  ...etc)
  •           Same applies to family photos which I would like to have sorted into albums



Other daily/monthly tasks:

Print and type documents/format documents (Excel or other)


Help set up systems/templates

Monthly reports/update weekly report



Recording information

Recording contact

Sorting out all old files/information before the move

Logbook / petrol / credit card / medical / property schedule of exp 

Possibly screening email – filling the ones I don’t need to read

Budgeting/forecast/actual/measuring project progress – updating my excel spreadsheets

Setting up the new office

Monthly financial excel tables updates/set up/format…etc must be very comfortable with figures and excel work

Arranging travel/car rental/accommodation.


Application process:
Before applying check that your CV is comprehensive and that the roles and responsibilities demonstrate your capabilities and experience rather than a list of tasks. Always write in full sentences. You have up to 12 places of previous employment to demonstrate your skills, use as many as you feel are required but always include more than one. Write a motivational email explaining why you should be considered for the role. The motivational email will be seen before the CV and is submitted to the client with the CV. If you have not heard back within 14-21 days please assume the application was not successful.

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