Pharmacist/Pharmacologist - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Short Job Description: 

BPharm, MPharm essential, with some experience in manufacturing and with an entrepreneurial bent. Equity on offer for commercialising the product.

Where will the candidate work from, if not home based? (Town/Suburb or state work-from-home): 
Sandton offices and some work from home opportunity
Select which one of these best describes the role: 
Flexible working hours
Main area of expertise for this position: 
Other - Healthcare/ Medical/ Pharmaceutical
Laboratory services
Required Qualification: 
BPharm, MPharm
Required computer program skills: 
MS Office, appropriate ERP software for Pharma manufacturing operation
Estimated hours (state hours per day or week): 
Project-based and flexible - project estimated to run for 9 months, at around 6 hours per day
Remuneration in ZAR: 
Rate per hour commensurate with your experience
Remuneration term: 
Job posting date: 
Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Full Job Description: 

A unique and exciting opportunity has arisen to be involved with a start-up company that will be based in Gauteng, South Africa.

Start-up seeking a licence from SAHPRA to provide innovative solutions and superior quality products to our customers.

We are a team-oriented company with a high trust, entrepreneurial culture. We value our employees’ opinions; we have a strong work ethic and are focused on manufacturing products in a compliant manufacturing facility with appropriate SOPs. People who are most successful at our company are disciplined, energetic, self-directed, solution-oriented team players.

We are looking for a highly organized and motivated Pharmacist that will be responsible for the day-to-day manufacturing operations of the product, including staffing of the production facility, training, scheduling, buying of consumables and compliance. This position requires an individual who enjoys a fast-paced environment, has strong leadership skills, and enjoys working with other members of the Team to ensure a positive culture and the best possible product quality. The position will be based in Gauteng.

The successful candidate will be granted equity in the company in exchange for any assistance that may be required during the license application process. During the application period, the candidate should maintain other employment. Roles/responsibilities at this stage would include but are not limited to the production and / or review of various sections of license application, liaison with designated facility designers and equipment manufacturers and provide guidance and support to the Management Team as required during this phase of the project.

Upon the successful award of the license, the company will provide assistance to the successful candidate for relocation if you currently do not live in Gauteng. Suitable local accommodation will also be provided for the first 2 months once the license to manufacture is awarded to allow the successful candidate time to adjust.

Role & responsibility

  1. Ensure that GMP standards and SOP's procedures are strictly adhered to.  Ensure deviations are fully recorded and addressed to negate/minimise future deviations.
  2. Manage workflow, production and Document Procedure Compliance so as to ensure that only safe and efficacious products are manufactured.
  3. Ensure products are sampled and that correct procedures for in-process controls are followed as per SOP's.
  4. Evaluate production yields and compile deviation reports as required per SOP after doing a comprehensive investigation/route cause analysis.
  5. Comply with GMP protocols, MCC manufacturing guidelines and approved SOP’s and batch documentation instructions at all the times.
  6. Perform line opening, checks and closures in manufacturing and packing lines.
  7. Review all production documents to ensure that there is proper documentation of manufactured and packaged products.
  8. Prepare weekly production scheduling.
  9. Ensure on-line and in-line testing resulting in approval of batch documentation and provisional releases.
  10. Ensure all in-process inspections performed as per SOP’s.
  11. Ensure that tests at all stages (before product and during production) are undertaken and that results are in line with expectations.
  12. Ensure non-conforming products has been identified at earliest possible stage and then handled appropriately.  Justification/explanation for non-conformance must be documented and communicated within the organisation so that corrective action is taken timeously. 
  13. Production reconciliation (from source material through the entire manufacturing process to the desired end product).
  14. Submission of full production manufacturing tickets and supporting documentation within one hour of batch completions.


  • Ability to keep priorities in focus and meet deadlines.
  • Good communication and organisational skills.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills.
  • Excellent production planning skills, proactive attention to detail and the ability to sort and sift facts, noting inconsistencies and developing appropriate interventions when required.

Other Functions

  • Ensure that the departments manufacture and packing divisions are well controlled and adequately staffed.
  • Ensure that SOP’s are current and practical, and that training is completed.
  • Develop new SOP’s when required.
  • Perform periodic performance appraisals on immediate subordinates and ensure that performance appraisals are completed at least annually.
  • Ensure that all consumable supplies are purchased in time without.
  • Continual review of processing to look for improvement in terms of efficiency and quality.
  • Personal involvement when production problems arise which require high-level intervention.
  • Attend meetings with customers when required.
  • Communicate requirements of the production facility to staff, assign duties and responsibilities and motivate achieve production targets established by the team.
  • Identify training needs of production team members.
  • Conduct performance counselling on specific staff when required, where necessary implement disciplinary action.
  • Report mechanical, facility and structural deficiencies to CEO and follow-up on progress to rectify.
Application process:
Before applying check that your CV is comprehensive and that the roles and responsibilities demonstrate your capabilities and experience rather than a list of tasks. Always write in full sentences. You have up to 12 places of previous employment to demonstrate your skills, use as many as you feel are required but always include more than one. Write a motivational email explaining why you should be considered for the role. The motivational email will be seen before the CV and is submitted to the client with the CV. If you have not heard back within 14-21 days please assume the application was not successful.

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