[[Permanent]] Job Placements

Welcome to the age where people can work differently, because technology is enabling employers to measure productivity, not just presence. It’s about respecting the fact that employees are valuable, have a life beyond work, and the two can be integrated using flexible work arrangements without compromising on business results.

As an employer who respects work-life integration, you get to decide the level of flexibility you can offer.

What is a
permanent employee?

A permanent employee is a person employed for an undetermined period of time. A contract of employment for an undetermined period of time has no agreed date of termination. This type of contract is terminated by either the employer (upon dismissal) or the employee (upon resignation) on notice.

Can a permanent
employee have flexibility?

Yes, a permanent employee can be given flexible work arrangements. A permanent employee refers to the type of contractual employment. Flexibility refers to non-traditional working arrangements. These can vary according to business needs. Flexibility can include remote working (virtual and work-from-home) and reduced working hours.

Types of flexible working arrangements:

Fully remote

All hours are worked out of the office.


Partly remote, partly in the office.


Micro flexibility for start and end times and as family needs arise.

Fixed in
office hours.

Respects family needs as they occur.

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