What We Do

What We Do

RecruitMyMom is a trusted award-winning online recruitment company based in South Africa. We offer an easy to use online recruitment platform and related services for skilled mothers seeking meaningful employment that has some flexibility or part-time hours and, forward-thinking employers looking to hire experienced skills in a more flexible or part-time capacity. 

We empower women to have a greater quality of life by assisting them to find meaningful employment with varying degrees of flexibility or part-time hours, both in office, remotely or a combination of the two. 

We solve employers resource needs through collaboration and problem-solving engagement.

To achieve this purpose we offer an affordable to use, professional online service. We offer a people mediated personalised service and support to both employers and job-seekers.

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Our Story

RecruitMyMom was founded in 2012 by passionate initiator Phillipa Geard, founder and CEO, based in South Africa. Phillipa, a mother of two, was inspired by the talents and abilities of many skilled mothers who are a great asset in business provided they are given the environment and flexibility they require. Rather than lose these skills, our recruitment company seeks to find a solution to retaining these skills for forward-thinking companies.

Today the community consists of over 70 000 skilled Moms (and other career-flex workers) seeking meaningful employment opportunities together with thousands of forward-thinking employers.

RecruitMyMom has been listed as one of the 25 most successful business ideas in South Africa by Entrepreneur Magazine

Phillipa is backed by a team of professionals who assist her in the business, all of whom work virtually from home-based offices.

RecruitAGraduate is the latest recruitment agency, servicing companies needing assistance to source and hire top calibre college and university graduates, interns and apprentices. 

Our Purpose

We exist to improve the lives of millions of women (and children) through innovative online recruitment solutions.


RecruitMyMom's Awards

2019 - Finalist in the FNB Business Innovation Awards

2019 - Fairlady Santam Women of the future award winner

2019 - Africa's most influential women in business and government country winner SME

2018 - Job Creator of the year winner, Entrepreneur of the Year

2018 - Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

2017 - NSBC Top 20 South African Small Business Award winner

2017 - NSBC National Woman in Business Champion Winner

2014 - Nominated for an emerging entrepreneur award by the Business Women’s Association of South Africa.

2013 - Finalist in the CapeTalk Sage Small Business Awards

Our Values

  • Professional Conduct
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Be fair and honest
  • Authenticity will bring real rewards
  • Relationship Foster long-term relationships 
  • Feedback is valuable
  • Deliver ‘Wow’ through service

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