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Time-wise skilled jobs

RecruitMyMom is a network of thousands of skilled, experienced women throughout South Africa. Skilled women who fill the skill and resource gaps in organisations by offering skilled solutions for all part-time jobs, flexible work hours, work-from-home jobs, project work, maternity cover and temp job requirements.
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Powerful Part-timers



Fact: Hour for hour, part-timers are more productive than full-timers.
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Flexible Freelancers



No project too big or small. High levels of expertise at your fingertips.
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Fixed Duration Contracts

Fixed Duration


Filling your resource gaps when you need it most.
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Virtual Assistants



Freeing up your time so you can take care of your business.
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We understand your need for staffing and skill flexibility and we offer highly competitive terms. 
Part Time Employees
Permanent, Temp or Consultants we have the skills you need. Choose from over 100 skills.
 Find Mom Professionals for your freelance and outsourcing needs. 
Fixed Duration Contracts
Maternity cover, short-term assignments, and high level consultants.
Virtual Assistants
Vitual assistants, helping you focus on getting the important tasks done.  Professionals that work from home offices. 
Skilled Moms
Join for FREE.  We understand your desire to integrate work and family.
Current Jobs
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