What happens if I employ a contractor permanently?


When a fixed term or consultant employee, as introduced by RMM, is appointed permanently by The Client, a permanent placement fee of ten (10) percent of the First years remuneration including bonuses, allowances and commissions becomes applicable as well as the Warranty. 

What warranty is in place if the candidate resigns?

This text is copied from our full Terms and Conditions. 


7.1 Each Party warrants that this Agreement has been duly authorized by it and has been entered into by a duly authorized representative, and that all consents, licenses, permits and authorizations have been obtained and all conditions of all governmental and other authorities have been fulfilled to enable it to enter into this Agreement and to perform all its obligations hereunder.

What are your legal rights with regards to resignation?

Herewith a brief legal summary to understand your rights and the legal position with regards to resignation:

Resignation is a unilateral act on the part of an employee which brings the employment relationship to an end. In other words, by handing in her resignation, the employee ends the employment relationship.

 It is something done by the employee alone and is not something that requires your input or agreement. The court clarified that a resignation involves two separate elements.

         1. The unilateral act of resignation; and 

Is a probation clause better than a 3 month contract?

A Fixed Duration contract is fixed in duration.  If one employs an employee for a fixed period then legally the length of the contract is binding until the termination date of the contract (3 months in this case). If an employee is employed for 3 months, then the employer cannot terminate the services of the employee before the 3 month period is complete. The implications are that an employer can end up with an employee that is not performing well, despite training and feedback, and the employer will have to see the contract through to its termination date. 

Can I buy LRA compliant employment contracts for my company?

We have up to date LRA employment contracts that can be purchased. 

The contracts are entirely generic so that your company can include your logo and details. 

The Permanent employment contracts is R750.00 excl VAT. 

The Fixed duration employment contract is R750.00 excl VAT.

What is Flexible working?

What is Flexible work?

Flexible work or flexi work is when a worker is not required to work a standard 8am to 5pm day in the office.  The employee can work hours before, during or after this time frame to complete the required work.

Must a certain amount of hours be completed?

Does it make sense to appoint someone on a fixed term contract ...?

What is a fixed-term or fixed-duration contract?

Section 198B(1) of the Labour Relations Act (LRA) defines a fixed-term contract as a contract of employment that terminates on:

·         the occurrence of a specific event;

·         the completion of a specified task or project;

·         a fixed date other than an employee’s normal or agreed retirement age.

Is it free to load a job RecruitMyMom?

Is it free to load a job RecruitMyMom? 

Yes, it is free to post a job on RecruitMyMom. We fill all permanent, fixed duration, independent contracts and virtual assistant jobs in South Africa. You pay only upon success.

How do I load a job? 

Employers post/advertise a job on the site for free via the Load a Job button on the employer's page.

A recruitment manager will be in contact to discuss the job. 

What other Employer services do you offer?

We offer the following services in addition to consulting and recruitment:

  •  a payroll service for temporary appointments. 
  • You can purchase from us a generic South African Labour Relations Act compliant employment contract for both fixed duration and permanent employees.
  • Security and background checks.


Can I view the candidates CV's on RecruitMyMom?

No, you cannot view the candidate's CV's on the site. RecruitMyMom is not a job board, but an online award-winning recruitment agency providing full-service support to our clients. 

Our trained recruiters will source and present top calibre candidates to employers for all your resource needs. 

We fill permanent, fixed duration, independent contracting, freelance and virtual assistant jobs. 

We fill jobs in all major centres like Western Cape, Gauteng, KZN, Port Elizabeth, George, Bloemfontein and Polokwane. 


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