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We understand your need for productivity.  From Administrators to Zoologists, we have them all. Our testimonies speak for themselves.

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We specialise in finding skilled, productive candidates:

Place a free job ad as an Employer on RecruitMyMom and we will help you find the right candidate for the job today. Employers pay only upon success. See our testimonials. 

  • Permanent positions both in office and virtual. 
  • Fixed duration contracting positions including Maternity cover
  • Skilled Independent Contractors who contract through RecruitMyMom
  • Gender Equality Positions
  • Work-from-home and in-office jobs
  • Job-share positions
  • Outcome-based projects.  
  • Freelance project work
  • Full-time positions with a mom-friendly work environment.
  • Full-time positions with a degree of flexibility. 

Why use RecruitMyMom?

Professional Resource 

As a business owner, you can employ skills in your business as needs grow and not necessarily full-time. If you need an independent contractor, consultant, part-timer or full-time flexible worker we have over 150 different skills to choose from.

Permanent or Contract

We handle permanent placements, fixed duration contracts (e.g. maternity cover) and have independent skilled contractors who can assist on various projects. 

High calibre job-seekers

Our skilled Moms are highly qualified with many years of experience. 55% have degrees or doctorates, 45% have some other form of tertiary qualification. They work smart and they work hard with the time they have set aside to work. They are emotionally intelligent, patient, empathetic, team players and an asset to any organisation.

Career Part-timers

These highly skilled women are largely inaccessible through other recruitment channels. They want to do skilled part-time and flexible work and are unlikely to leave for full-time work. 

Reasonable Fees

Register and post your job for Free. You pay upon making a successful placement. It is a simple fee structure based on the type of employment contract you require.   See the fees here >>

Get quality candidates

Our CV's are standardised and easy to read. Our recruiters assist you to find the right candidate quickly.  Read our testimonials, the calibre of our candidates is what makes us stand out.

It's Simple

You simply post your job. We will find the right candidate for you. You only pay upon success. 

Our Warranty

 We offer a three-month warranty on permanent placements.  See our Terms and conditions for full details. 


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