Independent Contractors and Freelancers

Hire top calibre Independent Contractors. We find and fill skilled Independent Contracting and Freelance jobs on a retainer or per-project basis.

There are several advantages to hiring an Independent Contractor :

  • Financial savings - There are no employment add-on costs
  • Staff flexibility - Skills can be employed on an on-demand basis with a 24 hour notice period required for poor quality.
  • Access top quality and scarce skills - Welcome to the gig economy where highly skilled digital, IT and other freelnacers prefer working as independent contractors.
  • Hiring is easy - Tell us what you need and we will source the best Independent Contractor or Freelancer for the job. We manage the payments and timesheet tracking.

Read the article: Staffing Agility in times of need : the case for Independent Contractors.

Our Services:

  • Free job posting
  • A Recruitment Manager will be your primary contact
  • This Recruitment Manager will source the perfect contractor for you.
  • We will arrange a time for you to meet the contractor if required.
  • You pay only for output, managed via approved timesheets.
  • RecruitMyMom manages all payments from you to the contractor.
  • Fees are skill, length and quantity dependent.
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