Independent Contractors and Freelancers

Hire skilled independent contractors or freelancers to get the job done without adding staff to your payroll. RecruitMyMom has vetted contractors available that can add value from day one. We have top calibre consultants and Independent Contractors, including HR, IT consultants, Marketing consultants and more. 

There are several advantages to hiring an Independent Contractor :

  • Financial savings - There are no employment add-on costs
  • Staff flexibility - Skills can be employed on an on-demand basis with a 24 hour notice period required for poor quality.
  • Working flexibility - Skills that can work in the office or work from home. 
  • Access top-quality and scarce skills - Welcome to the gig economy where you can hire highly skilled freelancers and consultants, HR, IT, Finance, Marketing and more. 
  • Freelancers and Gig workers - Bring on staff as you need. No long term contracts. 
  • Hiring is easy - Tell us what you need and we will source the best Contractor or Freelancer for the job. We manage all the admin. 

Read the article: Staffing Agility in times of need : the case for Independent Contractors.

Our Services:

  • Free job posting
  • A Recruitment Manager will be assigned as your primary contact
  • This Recruitment Manager will source the perfect contractor for you.
  • We will arrange a time for you to meet the contractor.
  • You pay only for output, managed via approved timesheets.
  • RecruitMyMom manages all payments and admin.
  • Fees are skill and contract period dependent.
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