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  • A Candidate , 
    Candidate testimony
    " I have always been a Recruit My Mom fan, I have always loved the concept and admired how working moms have the opportunity to have the best of both worlds. I have been a candidate for some time now but I am so blown away by the support given by your consultants, especially Lauren & Jennifer. Your staff are so supportive, positive & encouraging, they really believe in me and my capabilities and always supporting me. They have sent me for numerous interviews, did a temp assignment for you & even started a job which unfortunately fell through. Even though I have not found a job as yet I do believe I will find one through RMM - to be honest I haven't even been to any other agencies. You should be very proud of this empire you have built and I am very proud to be part of RecruitMyMom. "
  • T. Springfield , 
      - PA/Office Manager
    " I want to thank you all for everything you have done to get me employed. Dealing with you ladies is an absolute dream. I appreciate you all very very much - everyone that crosses your paths should consider themselves extremely blessed. "
  • Ian , 
    Biozone Manufacturing
      - Social Media Administrator
    " Prompt attention and introductions led me to locate and employ the personnel I needed. "
  • M. Johnson , 
    Woodburn Mann Leadership Science Institute
      - Manager
    " I found the RecruitMyMom team to be most professional, helpful and efficient and I would definitely recommend RecruitMyMom. "
  • Cristina , 
    RecruitMyMom Independent Contractor
      - Marketing Specialist
    " As a Recruitmymom member, you are not just a number. The recruitment process is professional and thorough and you receive feedback every step of the way. After applying for several positions, I landed a marketing role where I could use my experience and skills at a wonderful company that allowed flexible working hours and fully understood the concept of “work is something you do, not somewhere you are.” This enabled me to plan my time around my work and family commitments and get used to working remotely. I am now freelancing and so grateful to RecruitMyMom for starting me off on this journey, I will continue to recommend you to all my mom (and dad) friends. "
  • E. Oberholser , 
    Northplan Chartered Accountants
      - Company Secretary
    " I enjoyed my first encounter with your business and found your candidates and service excellent. Thanks a lot! "
  • Allan , 
    4B Africa Elevator Components (Pty) Ltd
      - Financial Administrator
    " We offered the position to the 2nd candidate put forward. Easy Peasy and took less than 2 weeks! "
  • N. Snape , 
    Bardale Village Development
      - Part-Time Accountant
    " Thank you very much. Your company has been a real pleasure to work with. I have given your name to quite a few people and sung your praises. "
  • Sarah , 
      - Digital Marketing Consultant
    " A big thank you to RecruitMyMom for bringing the opportunity to me in the first place. This company is a wonderful family driven team and I feel very privileged to be working with them. Best of all they 100% get the mom side of things and I don’t think I would have found such an understanding client without RecruitMyMom. I have been driving all of my mom friends to your platform, as I have been so impressed with your client service, as well the quality of client that you put me in touch with. "
  • Annelie , 
      - CA and Tax Consultants
    " Wow, no wonder you guys won the award for job creator of the year. Thank you very much for the names (candidates). "