FAQ's - General

During December 2021, we upgraded to a new, improved Candidate Portal. Reset your password by clicking on ‘Candidate Log In’, then ‘Next’. On the sign in page, click on ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the prompts.


As of 1 January 2020 the new parental leave has replaced the three days paid family responsibility leave when a child is born or adopted.

Parental leave – 10 consecutive days
An employee who is a parent of a child will be entitled to 10 consecutive days’ parental leave. These are calendar days, not working days. 

Adoption leave – 10 consecutive weeks
A single adoptive parent is entitled to 10 consecutive weeks’ adoption leave.

Parental leave is unpaid, however, employees that take this leave may claim benefits from the Unemployment Insurance Fund if they have been employed for longer than 13 weeks. 


Family responsibility leave is governed by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. 

This leave applies to an employee—

  • (a)  who has been in employment with an employer for longer than four months; and
  • (b)  who works for at least four days a week for that employer.

An employer must grant an employee, during each annual leave cycle, at the request of the employee, three days’ paid leave, which the employee is entitled to take—

  • (a)  when the employee’s child is born;
  • (b)  when the employee’s child is sick; or
  • (c) in the event of the death of—
    • the employee’s spouse or life partner; or
    • the employee’s parent, adoptive parent, grandparent, child, adopted child, grandchild or sibling.

Read more about family responsibility leave on our blog.



Employers post a job on the site via the Employers Page. Job posting and registration is free. 

A recruitment manager will be in contact via telephone or email to discuss the job. This person will be your primary contact throughout the employment process. 

The job is reviewed to make sure it fits with the requirements of our site, namely the work can be completed in part-time or flexible hours or if it is full-time employment that it has flexible working conditions. We do not accept network sales positions unless under special circumstances. Once approved, the job is published in the "Current Jobs" page.  Jobs are marketed via email and Social Media to the RecruitMyMom database. 

Candidates apply for the job via the RecruitMyMom website.

For fast-turnaround Virtual Assist positions, our recruiters will select the candidate based on the previous positive experience of having worked with them in the past. 

A full table of services per job type can be viewed under Section 2  here >> 

Fees are paid upon successful employment of one of our candidates. Fees can be viewed under section 3 here >> 

Job Seekers:

Job seekers can join RecruitMyMom for free as a job seeker. Add the address info@recruitmymom.co.za to the contact list to avoid the email getting lost.

Once logged in one must complete the online RecruitMyMom CV via the personal account page in order to be able to apply for jobs. This CV is what we send to potential employers when a job seeker applies for a position advertised on the website. You can view your final CV via your account "View my completed CV."

Our recruiters sift through the applications and short-list the CV's based on best fit with the job specification. 

The Recruiter will be in contact if the employer has requested an interview. 

We advertise Permanent and Fixed duration roles where the candidate is employed directly by the employer.

We advertise Independent Contracting roles where RecruitMyMom collects the amount due from client plus our fee and pays the contractors who invoice RecruitMyMom for services rendered to clients. As a consultant, you can be appointed to work on several clients at once depending on your availability. 



RecruitMyMom is all about assisting skilled Moms to find flexible and part-time meaningful work. All our communication and interactions are geared towards Moms. We do understand that there are stay-at-home Dads too, and we do assist stay-at-home Dads looking for part-time and flexible work. We are looking for career part-timers to ensure that when a client fills a part-time or flexible position, they are not disappointed by a candidate who leaves for full-time employment opportunities. 

There are some women who are not Moms and have disabilities which do not allow them to be able to work full time. We do assist these women too as they fall into the category of career part-timers. 

Part-time and flexible working can be reduced hours or part of the hours worked from home for a full-time position. 



Should the permanent placement of the RecruitMyMom-Candidate not be successful within 3 (three) months of appointment of start date, and the services of the Candidate is terminated lawfully by the Client or Candidate as per the provisions of the LRA, RecruitMyMom must be given the opportunity to replace the candidate with another candidate and no additional placement fee will be charged for the 2nd placement. This warranty is on condition that there is no difference between the remuneration of candidates. Should there be a difference in remuneration, the difference will be worked into the fee reconciliation.  

Should a suitable replacement candidate not be found within 45 days, from the date of receiving a written request to replace the successful candidate by the Client, the following refund calculated from the day notice is given to RecruitMyMom will be applicable:  

Permanent Placement (10% fee) : 

Within 30 days a credit of 80% of the fee to apply

Within 60 days a credit of 60% of the fee to apply

Within 90 days a credit of 40% of the fee to apply



Section 198B(1) defines a fixed term contract as a contract of employment that terminates on:

·         the occurrence of a specific event;

·         the completion of a specified task or project;

·         a fixed date other than an employee’s normal or agreed retirement age.

·         The nature of the work is of a limited or definite duration. (Examples of this is where the person is employed to complete a specific task, for example, a building which may take longer than three months to complete (section 198B(3)(a)).


The protections  on fixed term contracts do not apply to:

•    Employees who earn R205 433,30 per annum

•    Employers who have fewer than 10 employees; or

•    Employers who have fewer than 50 employees and who have been in business for fewer than two years unless the employer has more than one business or the business was formed from other existing businesses.

If the employee is protected and the employer has more than 10 employees or has been in business for more than 2 years or has more than 1 business, the duration of fixed term contracts is limited to three months.

You may only extend the duration of a fixed term contract, if there is a justifiable reason for extending the employment of these employees  after three months. Examples of justifiable reasons to extend the duration of the contract:


·      is replacing another temporarily absent employee;

·      is employed due to a temporary increase in work which is not expected to endure beyond 12 months;

·      is a student or recent graduate employed for the purpose of being trained or to gain work experience to enter a job or profession;

·      is employed to work exclusively on a specific project of limited or defined duration.

·      is a non-citizen granted a work permit for a defined period;

·      is employed to perform seasonal work;

·      is employed on an official public works scheme or similar job creation scheme;

·      is employed in a position funded by an external source for a limited period;

·      has reached the normal or agreed retire age in that business.


If any of the above is present, a fixed term contract may be extended past 3 months.


  1. Are we dealing with a protected employee:  R205 433.30 p.a?
  2. Are we dealing with protected employer? Fewer than 10 employees or fewer than 50 employees who has been trading less than 2 years? Or the employer has more than one business.
  3. If No, limited duration of fixed term to 3 months
  4. If Yes, then protections do not apply.

Yes we use several independent contractors for our clients.

 We contract your services on behalf of our clients; you are remunerated directly from RecruitMyMom on submission of your completed and authorized time sheets. As a RecruitMyMom independent contractor your agreed rate is adjusted upwards to include our service fees to the client. 

You will receive an Independent contractor contract to sign when being appointed to one of the roles advertised on this website. Independent contractors may not negotiate their own rates,  bill our clients directly or offer any other products and services to clients of RecruitMyMom. If a client is introduced via RecruitMyMom, the client remains a client of RecruitMyMom and not the independent contractor. We can replace an independent contractor at any time if the need arises. 

Contractor rates need to be reasonable and take into consideration the fact that we adjust the rate upwards to include an agency fee. 


Yes, we have several Independent Contractors that RecruitMyMom appoints for more than one contracting or freelancing role at a time. The beauty of contracting independently for RecruitMyMom is that we collect the money from the client for the work that you as a  contractor does, and then pay you the contractor. 


We contract your services and skills on behalf of our clients. We set up all the contractual agreements and collect the money due to you after receiving a completed and authorized timesheet for services rendered. As a RecruitMyMom independent contractor, your agreed rate is adjusted upwards to include our service fee to the client. 

Independent contractors may not negotiate their own rates, bill our clients directly or offer any other products and services to clients of RecruitMyMom. If a client is introduced via RecruitMyMom, the client remains a client of RecruitMyMom for two years and not the independent contractor. 

Contractor rates need to be reasonable and take into consideration the fact that we adjust the rate upwards to include an agency fee.

Read our full Terms and Conditions for more detail. 


It is free for job-seekers to join RecruitMyMom. There are no fees for job-seekers on RecruitMyMom.

It is against the law in South Africa to ask any job-seeker for fees. 

As a job-seeker, you should never pay money to a recruiter for registration or other fees. 




Candidates may be asked to complete a consent form for background checks and to furnish us with referee details for reference checks.

It is a standard recruitment protocol to conduct reference checks to corroborate the information provided in your CV with the people that you reported to directly. Potential employers may also request that certain background checks, such as criminal, credit or qualification verification checks are conducted for various reasons.  One of these reasons could be that the role requires government security clearances, another could be that the company's hiring policy dictates a clear credit and criminal record for certain roles. Many financial roles today require a credit check. 





Finding perfect part-time or flexible jobs for moms through RecruitMyMom is easy. 

We will email you new jobs based on your selected skills within the "Skills Box" completed on your profile your completed CV. 

Ensure your CV is 100% complete and not too brief. 

Some jobs are generic and could suit any number of skill-sets.  For these jobs we recommend: 

1. That you daily check the job-listings page for new jobs. 

2. Join our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter page. We always advertise jobs on our social media pages. Search for RecruitMyMom. 

3. Sign up for our newsletters.



Click on ‘Candidate Log In’, then ‘Next’. On the sign in page, click on ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the prompts.

You will receive an activation link to reset your password. Once reset you can log-in and view your candidate portal details as well as apply for jobs. 



Absolutely yes, some of our most talented Moms are based in remote areas of the country, and work remotely from home. We look for both skilled Moms and suitable jobs throughout the country and even into the rest of Africa. 


RecruitMyMom calls and personally engages with every employer that posts jobs on our website. We do this to ensure that every job is legitimate and worthwhile being on our platform. 


For permanent and fixed duration/temporary jobs, the employer will provide you with a Labour Relations Act of South Africa compliant contract. Do not start working without a signed contract in place. The employer can purchase a generic contract from RecruitMyMom if required. The employer is then liable to pay your salary. 

For independent contracting jobs such as Freelancers and consultants, RecruitMyMom bills the client including our fee and follows up on receiving payment. RecruitMyMom pays all Independent contractors by the end of the month, provided the money has cleared in the RecruitMyMom bank account. 



Once you have created an account on RecruitMyMom you can cancel it at any time by logging in and selecting "Cancel Account."  Or you can request an account cancellation through the "Contact Us" page. 


For Fixed Duration Contracting employment the employer pays your salary directly and must provide you with a temporary employment contract which we facilitate. 

For any independent contracting jobs such as freelance and consulting type work, you will be paid by RecruitMyMom for the period of the project once the payment has been collected from the client.  You will be required to complete an independent consultant agreement for RecruitMyMom and submit monthly or weekly time-sheets for approval to the client. These together with your invoice are submitted to RecruitMyMom for payment. 

The advantage of being a RecruitMyMom contractor is that we build a trust relationship with you and will continue to use your skills for several clients over the years. In addition, you do not have to try and get the money out of the client for work done, we do that on your behalf. 





Jobs are removed as soon as we fill the position or an employer informs us that the job has either been filled or has been put on hold. 

Jobs may temporarily be removed to allow time for our team of recruitment professionals to get through all the CV's. 

When applying for a job remember to include a well written motivational (covering) letter with your application. Read our tips on "how to write an excellent motivational letter". 

Ensure your CV is not too brief or too long.

Read our tips on "how to increase your chances of finding a job on RecruitMyMom."


The joining criteria set out for RectuitMyMom are to ensure that we can confidently advertise to employers, experienced, skilled and professional Moms. If you have succeeded in your field of expertise and can demonstrate your experience on your CV then we will gladly accept your application. 



That is absolutely fine. We understand that in your career you may branch out into different fields from what you studied. In fact, research shows adults can change career paths up to seven times. 


We have a strong philosophy of protecting your privacy.  See Privacy Policy for more detail.

Your CV will only be presented to a potential employer if you apply for a position on our website and your CV fits the job specification. You can view your completed CV by logging into your profile and selecting "View My Completed CV". Your CV is made up of several pieces of information you provide about yourself. We do not include any private contact details until the interview stage. 

In the past, we have collected ID numbers to ascertain if a candidate is a South African citizen.  We are in the process (or may have completed the process by the time you read this) of changing the system to birth date only and asking if a candidate is a South African citizen so that we no longer need to hold this data. 


If you have already registered and entered your details on our candidate portal, you can apply for a job with either one of these routes:


Via Candidate Portal

Click on ‘Candidate Log In’, then ‘Take me to log in, I’ve already done this’ and sign in with your email and password.

Navigate to ‘Jobs’ in the left hand column. From here you can easily apply with your RecruitMyMom CV.


Via RecruitMyMom Current Jobs page

Go to our current jobs page, click on the job to open up more detail. 

One the detailed job page, click ‘Apply’. Then on the page requesting personal information, click on the ‘Easy Apply’ button at the top of the page. This will auto populate the personal information section.

See Terms and Conditions.



Remote and virtual working is fast-growing in today's technology-driven economy.  Employers are recognising the enormous cost-saving and productivity benefits they can gain by hiring virtual assistants. 

Hire skilled, English speaking virtual assistants and freelancers from South Africa at favourable exchange rates and a business-friendly time-zone (GMT +2). Get the work done while you sleep.

We have English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese speaking virtual assistants together with other languages on our database.

RecruitMyMom has experienced women job-seekers looking for virtual assistant jobs and freelance jobs in South Africa and globally. We assist women to find employment that facilitates work-life integration. 

Choose virtual assistant content writers, trainers, tutors, copywriters, proofreaders, editors, social media writers, admin support, data input, virtual PA, link building, SEO, bookkeeping, accountants, marketing, sales and more.