How do I hire a virtual assistant?

Hire a Virtual Assistant from RecruitMyMom - Virtual Assist Support

Simply load a job specification here >>  of what you require, and one of our trained Recruiters will source, interview and provide you with the best virtual assistant. 

You can employ them on your payroll or hire them as an Independent Consultant through RecruitMyMom. 

Post your Job for free and pay only for success. 

Types of Virtual Assistant Roles we provide include : 

What happens if I employ a contractor permanently?


When a fixed term or consultant employee, as introduced by RMM, is appointed permanently by The Client, a permanent placement fee of ten (10) percent of the First years remuneration including bonuses, allowances and commissions becomes applicable as well as the Warranty. 

What warranty is in place if the candidate leaves?


What are the Fees for Employers using this site?

 Advertise your job on RecruitMyMom for free.

You only pay for a successful placement only. 

See our full terms and conditions, warranty and placement fees here >> 


What does the labour law say about fixed 3 month contracts?

Section 198B(1) defines a fixed term contract as a contract of employment that terminates on:

·         the occurrence of a specific event;

·         the completion of a specified task or project;

·         a fixed date other than an employee’s normal or agreed retirement age.

·         The nature of the work is of a limited or definite duration. (Examples of this is where the person is employed to complete a specific task, for example, a building which may take longer than three months to complete (section 198B(3)(a)).


Can I be an Independent Contractor for RecruitMyMom?

Yes we use several independent contractors for our clients.

 We contract your services on behalf of our clients; you are remunerated directly from RecruitMyMom on submission of your completed and authorized time sheets. As a RecruitMyMom independent contractor your agreed rate is adjusted upwards to include our service fees to the client. 

Can I do more than one contracting job through RecruitMyMom?

Yes, we have several Independent Contractors that RecruitMyMom appoints for more than one contracting or freelancing role at a time. The beauty of contracting independently for RecruitMyMom is that we collect the money from the client for the work that you as a  contractor does, and then pay you the contractor. 

How do I work as an Independent Contractor for RecruitMyMom?

We contract your services and skills on behalf of our clients.  We set up all the contractual agreements and collect the money due to you after receiving a completed and authorized timesheet for services rendered. As a RecruitMyMom independent contractor, your agreed rate is adjusted upwards to include our service fee to the client. 


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