Are there Job-seeker Fees?

There are no fees for job-seekers.



Why do employers want to check my background?

Candidates may be asked to complete a consent form for background checks and to furnish us with referee details for reference checks.

What is the best way to be informed about jobs for Moms on RecruitMyMom?

Finding the perfect part-time or flexible job through RecruitMyMom is easy. 

We will email you new jobs based on your selected skills within the "Skills Box" completed on your profile your completed CV. 

Ensure your CV is 100% complete and not too brief. 

Some jobs are generic and could suit any number of skill-sets.  For these jobs we recommend: 

1. That you daily check the job-listings page for new jobs. 

2. Join our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter page. We always advertise jobs on our social media pages. Search for RecruitMyMom. 

Why can't I upload my own CV onto the website?

There are several reasons why you cannot upload a CV onto our website:

How do I retrieve a forgotten Password or Username?

Click on "MEMBER LOG-IN" on the top RHS of the Home page. 

Click on the top tab labelled "Request new Password" or follow this link >>

All you need to know is your email address. 

To find your Username, the email you receive will address you as "Dear Username."

Does cover all of South Africa?

Absolutely yes, some of our most talented Moms are based in remote areas of the country, and work remotely from home. We look for both skilled Moms and suitable jobs throughout the country and even into the rest of Africa. 

Does RecruitMyMom check up on the companies that post jobs?

RecruitMyMom calls and personally engages with every employer that posts a job on our website. We do this to ensure that every job is legitimate and worthwhile being on our platform. 

Who pays me for jobs I get via RecruitMyMom?

For permanent and fixed duration/temporary employment, the employer will provide you with a Labour Relations Act of South Africa compliant contract. Do not start working without a signed contract in place. The employer can purchase a generic contract from RecruitMyMom if required. The employer is then liable to pay your salary. 

How do I cancel my account?

Once you have created an account on RecruitMyMom you can cancel it at any time by logging in and selecting "Cancel Account."  Or you can request an account cancellation through the "Contact Us" page. 

How will I be paid for contracting work or projects?

For Fixed Duration employment the employer pays your salary directly and must provide you with a temporary employment contract which we facilitate. 

For any independent contracting jobs such as freelance and consulting type work, you will be paid by RecruitMyMom for the period of the project once the payment has been collected from the client.  You will be required to complete an independent consultant agreement for RecruitMyMom and submit monthly or weekly time-sheets for approval to the client. These together with your invoice are submitted to RecruitMyMom for payment. 


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