How do I cancel my account?

Once you have created an account on RecruitMyMom you can cancel it at any time by logging in and selecting "Cancel Account."  Or you can request an account cancellation through the "Contact Us" page. 

How will I be paid for contracting work or projects?

For Fixed Duration Contracting employment the employer pays your salary directly and must provide you with a temporary employment contract which we facilitate. 

When are jobs removed from the site?

Jobs are removed as soon as we fill the position or an employer informs us that the job has either been filled or has been put on hold. 

There are times when jobs are over-subscribed by job-seekers. In this case, the job is unpublished on the site until the recruiters have sifted through the job applications. 

It is important to include a well written motivational letter with your application. Ensure your CV is not too brief. This CV is ultimately what will sell your skills. 

Can I join RecruitMyMom without a formal qualification?

The joining criteria set out for RectuitMyMom are to ensure that we can confidently advertise to employers, experienced, skilled and professional Moms. If you have succeeded in your field of expertise and can demonstrate your experience on your CV then we will gladly accept your application. 


What if my qualification is different to the job I am looking to do?

That is absolutely fine. We understand that in your career you may branch out into different fields from what you studied. In fact, research shows adults can change career paths up to seven times. 

Who will see my profile and CV information?

We have a strong philosophy of protecting your privacy.  See Privacy Policy for more detail.

Your CV will only be presented to a potential employer if you apply for a position on our website and your CV fits the job specification. You can view your completed CV by logging into your profile and selecting "View My Completed CV". Your CV is made up of several pieces of information you provide about yourself. We do not include any private contact details until the interview stage. 

How do I apply for a job listed on RecruitMyMom?

You need to be a member of to have access to the full job listings page. When you as a member log-in you will be able to view all the available jobs by selecting the  "JOB LISTINGS" page. When you see a job that interests you, click on the description to view further details such as hours required and rate of pay.  

To apply for a position select "Apply for this job" at the bottom of the job specification.

You will be notified if your CV profile is not 100% complete.

If it is not complete you will be required to complete it.

How does RecruitMyMom work?


Employers post a job on the site via the Employers Page. Job posting and registration is free. 

A recruitment manager will be in contact via telephone or email to discuss the job. This person will be your primary contact throughout the employment process.