Does RecruitMyMom only work with Moms?

RecruitMyMom is all about assisting skilled Moms to find flexible and part-time meaningful work. All our communication and interactions are geared towards Moms. We do understand that there are stay-at-home Dads too, and we do assist stay-at-home Dads looking for part-time and flexible work. We are looking for career part-timers to ensure that when a client fills a part-time or flexible position, they are not disappointed by a candidate who leaves for full-time employment opportunities. 

There are some women who are not Moms and have disabilities which do not allow them to be able to work full time. We do assist these women too as they fall into the category of career part-timers. 

Part-time and flexible working can be reduced hours or part of the hours worked from home for a full-time position.