Employers using this site

  • Roelf van Zyl , 
    KeyPhase technologies
      - Software Client liaison
    " I recently recruited via Recruit my mom. In a very short amount of time I got quite a few CV's, the majority of which was of a very high standard. Of the roughly 10 people I interviewed, I really struggled to make a choice as I could have recruited any of them. We are also in the planning phase of rolling out our product through the rest of South Africa and recruit my mom is our first stop for finding suitable candidates. There is a very skilled work-force in mothers, graduated and with good experience, all they want is flexibility. Recruit my mom provides a great vehicle for tapping into this workforce. "
  • Andrew Warner , 
      - Administrator
    " Thanks again for the great service. Once again I was struck by the quality of candidates. Could easily have employed 20 good candidates. I was always planning on 1 person but I deceided to employ 2 people. "
  • Judi Lopes , 
    Mom Member
      - Freelancer
    " Recruitmymom.co.za has been phenomenally helpful in providing reliable work from home opportunities. Within one week of registering on their site I found myself employed as a freelancer, working from home, doing what I love and still having the time to look after my two small children. Thank you for this amazing platform which really does work! "
  • Laurelle Simonetti , 
    Mom Member
      - Marketing and Branding
    " To be honest, I was a bit sceptical at first on how I could possibly get work "half day or flex hours" in marketing after I had been laughed at several times by other recruitment firms that I enquired with. Alas, Recruit my Mom has been my saving grace. I have managed to secure three jobs from them which has enabled me to finally start my consulting business. I now have a strong client base, my own business and the joy of being at home with my little one. Thanks RMM team for a great concept and company. "
  • Pam Ammann , 
    PJ Marketing
      - Part-time Brand & Marketing Position
    " So easy – great website – super response – high quality, serious applicants. "
  • Richard , 
    Therapist Directory
      - HTML Developer
    " Thanks for a fantastic service. Placing my job ad was simple, very capable ladies applied for the job… one of whom is now working with me. I’ll be back next time I have another position to fill. "
  • Dr.Garth Japhet , 
      - Online Community Manager
    " The calibre of the applicants is exceptional. "
  • Sarah v Zyl , 
    Rays of Hope
      - Project Co-ordinator
    " I found the website easy to navigate, I entered my requirements and with in three days had received the first CV. I received numerous CVs of high quality. I felt spoilt for choice. After a phone screening I interviewed 2 people and my position was filled. I appreciated the abundance of quality CVs and Phillipa’s good service. Thank you Recruitmymom.co.za!! "
  • Eric Ackroyd , 
      - Financial Consultant and Advisor
    " You service was great,and we had had quick and quality leads from you. We will definitely make use of your service in the future. Kindest regards/Groete, "
  • Corrina Everitt , 
      - Member
    " Thank you to Recruit My Mom for finding me my ideal position - part-time, working from home, using the skills I regard as my biggest strengths. Your site is empowering, enabling and liberating Mums who have so much to offer the working world. "