Fixed Duration Contracts

We don’t believe in compromising on the quality of staff you hire for contract jobs in South Africa. Your company deserves top calibre skills and we will recruit them for you. 

Why hire skilled moms?

Gender diversity in the workplace has been proven to improve bottom-line business results. Research indicates this is because employers have better access to skills as more women graduate from college and universities than men, creative thinking is improved in diverse teams, women are better at building team cohesion and drawing information out of individuals, women create better work environments as they are typically more interested in others than themselves. Combine these skills with those of mothers who know how to prioritise, focus and get the best out of people and it makes perfect sense to hire skilled Moms. 

What is a fixed-term (or fixed duration) contract?

Section 198B(1) of the Labour Relations Act (LRA) defines a fixed term (or duration) contract as a contract of employment that terminates on:

  • the occurrence of a specific event;
  • the completion of a specified task or project;
  • a fixed date other than an employee’s normal or agreed retirement age.
  • The nature of the work is of a limited or definite duration.

Q: Does it make sense to hire someone on a three month fixed duration contract or hire permanently with a three-month probation clause? Read more

Our Services

  • Free job posting
  • A recruitment manager is assigned to you as your primary contact
  • Candidate CV’s are short-listed by a professional recruitment manager.
  • First-round interviews & references 
  • Final round interviews are conducted by you, the client.
  • The employee is on your payroll.
  • Pay only upon successful placement.
  • Fees are 15%-17% depending on skill and duration. 
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