Fixed Duration Contracts

Temporary and contract staff to fill your resource gaps and maternity or sick leave cover. Skilled, experienced candidates with over 100 skills to choose from.
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Recruiting for a Fixed Duration contract is easy:

1. Complete the Job Spec input form by selecting the "Load a Job" button below.
2. We'll call you to introduce your recruitment manager.
3. We source the most skilled candidates for our clients from our membership database.
4. We send you the top CV's after having done first round interviews.
5. As the client you make the final selection.
6. The contractor will be employed by you the client, or we can administer the payroll on your behalf. 
7. Our fee is calculated as 10% of the remuneration for the duration of the contract. 
8. An additional 10% fee is charged if we administer the full payroll function on your behalf. 

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