Our Services

RecruitMyMom is an online recruitment agency that places skilled moms into jobs offering some measure of flexibility (hours and/or place) and understanding of positive work-life integration. We offer various types of staffing solutions to suit business needs. 


  • Permanent Placements
  • Fixed-Term Contracts
  • Independent Contractors

Place of Work

  • In office
  • Hybrid
  • Remote

Hours of Work

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Flexible
  • Project
  • On Demand
  • Gig

Type of Skill

  • C-Suite
  • Senior
  • Middle
  • Consultant
  • Freelance
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Remote Worker
  • Intern
  • Entry

Graduates and Intern hire

RecruitAGraduate our sister site specialises in graduate recruitment, internships and entry-level skills.

Credit, Criminal, Qualification and ID verification checks

For all your employees and new appointments. Learn more.

Online skill testing

Including language, software and other pre-screening requirements. Learn more.

RecruitMyMom is trusted by employers to find top calibre female talent. Contact us.

One-on-one career coaching

Book your session with a RecruitMyMom approved career coach. Learn more.

CV writing and interview courses

Join one of our scheduled CV writing and interview courses.

Return to work course

Get yourself ready to rejoin the work of work with this 2-month journey. Learn more.

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