5 Reasons to look for short courses on a CV

5 Reasons to look for short courses on a CV

Education is one of the most important considerations when hiring your next star employee. With the rise of online learning, the value of short courses should not be overlooked. Short courses on a CV can tell you more about a candidate than you might think. For instance, the number of courses can give insight into the candidate’s willingness to learn. This is a soft skill that can prove valuable in the job. 

Below we discuss 5 reasons to look for short courses on a CV when looking for a new employee. 

Short courses on a CV shows commitment 

One of the most valuable traits someone can have as a potential employee is that they show commitment. In a digital world, commitment can be challenging. 

Patience is not the most popular characteristic since people can get what they want or need at the touch of a button. Showing commitment to a job, to a course or to anything that takes time and a bit of grit is sure to stand out. 

It takes commitment to complete a course in any topic. The point is that they started and completed the task. 

It shows self-discipline

Self-discipline goes hand in hand with commitment and is an outstanding trait to show when interviewing for work. The last thing an employer wants is to hire someone who needs constant babysitting to get the job done. 

Self-discipline is how a candidate will show an employer that they are self-sufficient, skilled and able to take on the work without extorting company resources. 

When a candidate has a couple of short courses behind their name, it shows that they carry a sense of determination and discipline. It also shows that they are able to think for themselves and contribute great value to a company.  

The candidate is updated with the latest skills and tools

Who doesn’t want a candidate who understands the latest skills and tools in their field? A list of relevant short courses on a CV shows that this person knows what’s happening in the industry. 

Taking short courses helps to keep employees ahead of the game and sharpened in their skillset. This is valuable to a company looking for new hires because they will contribute their knowledge and keep the team growing in knowledge and skills. 

It shows an ability to manage time

It takes time and thought to complete a short course. If someone has done one or more short courses in and amongst possible work, family and other commitments, it shows that they have an ability to manage their time. 

Time management is an essential skill to have in every work environment in order to keep productive and efficient. When a candidate has taken the time to plan and execute an upskilling process then you know you can rely on their planning skills. 

The candidate has good character and a desire to learn

One thing we value at RecruitMyMom is a candidate who has a desire to learn. You can’t get far in life without learning new things, no matter where you are. 

A candidate with good character and a desire to learn and grow is a valuable asset to any team. With a desire to learn can come a teachable attitude. Good character also produces a good attitude. 

When you are looking for the right person for the role, a motivating attitude can be the differentiating factor. When someone has done extra learning courses, it shows that they have a desire to grow and a can-do approach. 

Recruitment that makes a difference

At the end of the day what matters most to an interviewer is whether or not the person they choose for the job will add value to the company. At RecruitMyMom, we look after our candidates and clients with a passion to positively impact companies and lives. If you’re looking for productive skills that deliver results then take some time to load a job today. 

Written By RecruitMyMom Editorial Team


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