Attributes that make mothers in the workplace extraordinary

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Attributes that make working mothers extraordinary

Hiring mothers as employees is a no-brainer. This article is all about the attributes that make working mothers extraordinary. If you are a start-up or scale-up you should recruit a mom! 

“I celebrate the resilience, loyalty, empathy, and emotional intelligence that so many women bring into the workplace.” - RecruitMyMom CEO and Founder, Phillipa Geard.

For decades, the narrative for mothers in the workplace has always been to choose between building a career and raising children. Many women had to  move away from their careers to raise their children. At RecruitMyMom, we are proud to have been part of changing this narrative for the better in the recent decade. 

The value of mothers who work is astounding, and is something we have celebrated and championed at RecruitMyMom since the very first candidate signed up on our website in 2012. A decade later, we sit with thousands of stories where mothers have found meaningful work that coincides with mom life and thankful employers who have access to the best talent through our online platform. 

This article is a reminder to all the working mothers, that we see moms as extraordinary and we celebrate them daily. The values that they bring to the workplace surpass that of many pools of talented workers because a working mom truly carries that something ‘extra’. 

Below are four of the main attributes that make working mothers extraordinary in the workplace.

Mothers have an appreciation for their work

Having a job gives a mom a sense of purpose outside of their primary purpose as a caregiver. This is why a lot of working moms love their workplaces and devote their skills to the tasks in front of them with passion and excellence. We have found that working moms appreciate their work and pay careful attention to it so much more, making them assets to any organisation.

Mothers are excellent at managing people

Moms care for their children deeply and so they have an extra bit of grace in their approach to dealing with people in the workplace. At home, it’s impossible to escape problems that need to be resolved between siblings, a toddler (or teenage) tantrum, or even something challenging that their children might be facing at school. Moms are natural forgivers and will go the extra mile without batting an eyelid which means that they hold an extra bit of patience to manage tough situations well and an ability to address or ignore difficult behaviours. These attributes make them more resilient and incredible at keeping things professional and logical in the workplace. 

Mothers are resilient, problem solvers

Moms have an inescapable responsibility to their children, and nothing can prepare them for that kind of need to take ownership and push through when times are tough. This means that mothers in the workplace know how to resolve issues quickly which in turn keeps the company strong. They take accountability at home, with kids and family life and so that sense of grit and perseverance is automatically carried through into the workplace.

Mothers have inherent soft skills

Emotional intelligence, loyalty, good communication skills, organisational skills, interpersonal skills, independence, an ability to prioritise, problem-solving, and many more are the skills that make mothers the best employees, colleagues, and bosses. 

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