The Benefits of Hiring a Remote Workforce

The Benefits of Hiring a Remote Workforce

Finding the right employee to fill a position is a bit like finding the correct puzzle piece to complete your puzzle. You’re going to search until you find the perfect piece, it doesn’t work to try and jam an incorrect puzzle piece into the allocated space. What’s equally frustrating is when no matter how hard you search in your box, you can’t find the puzzle piece you need.

RecruitMyMom has an easy solution: look in a bigger box with more pieces. That’s right, removing geographical barriers when searching for a new hire not only expands your hiring pool, it also improves the odds of hiring the best fit. 

Here are the key benefits of hiring globally:

Build a skilled workforce

When you expand your hiring talent pool, you give yourself the pick of skilled employees you otherwise might not have had access to. The correctly skilled employees help to build a productive workforce which will have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.

Increase cost saving

Thanks to technology, it’s becoming easier and easier to hire remote staff. There are also a lot of company benefits to employing remote workers, most notably an increase in cost saving. Based on estimates from the Global Workplace Analytics Telework Savings Calculator, a single company can annually save $11,000 per remote worker. Employers from outside of South Africa can benefit from the exchange rate and hire top talent at a lower cost.

Increase efficiency

With a global workforce, you aren’t bound by any one time zone. At the end of your work day you could send a list of jobs to your Virtual Assistant who, thanks to differing time zones, starts an hour or two before you every morning. That way you wake up to an inbox full of completed tasks in the morning. 

Increase diversity

Bringing together people from different backgrounds, cultures and countries can generate fresh and unique ideas and perspectives. The input from highly skilled people who have had different training or experience to yours can help position your company as a thought leader in the market. 

Positive social economic impact

The unemployment rate among women in South Africa was 34% in the first quarter of 2021. Providing work has a positive social and economic impact on women empowerment in South Africa.

Hiring globally is a great way to make sure you’re putting the right puzzle piece in the right space. Hiring globally helps to expand your company, while improving it as well.  

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