An On-Demand Solution for Critical Skills Gaps

An On-Demand Solution for Critical Skills Gaps

Conventional thinking, embedded by decades of strict work practices, dictates that the only way to work is to employ workers permanently and have them sit at a desk in an office from 8 to 5. But the way we work is fast changing, and the rise of the on-demand economy is helping businesses to fill skills gaps and keep costs down by allowing for project-based contract work. In its simplest form, on-demand allows businesses to employ skilled workers “on-tap” to fill a specific need or complete a short-to-medium term project.


Cue the rise of the on-demand economy….

RecruitMyMom has discovered a group of highly talented and skilled moms who have something unique to offer South African companies that are looking for specific skills on-demand. Utilizing these highly skilled workers on this basis attracts the talent that a business needs, without the high cost of a permanent employee. Organisations doing this find that they remain more competitive and inject much-needed knowledge and expertise into their structures exactly when it is needed for as long as is needed.

RecruitMyMom is seeing an increase in the number of forward-thinking companies willing to give our incredibly skilled candidates a flexible or time-wise opportunity in South Africa. Research reveals the on-demand knowledge economy is essential to addressing future critical skills gaps

New research commissioned by Forrester Consulting has revealed that the on-demand knowledge economy is able to address critical skill gaps in most companies, including medium to large corporations. According to the report, at least 55% of companies surveyed admitted that they did not have the right talent in their internal workforce to get certain jobs done properly.  In addition, these critical skills often come at a very high price leaving companies unable to plug these gaps sufficiently in the long term.


Significantly, the Forrester report revealed that of those firms utilizing on-demand staffing solutions almost 80% were highly satisfied with the talent and skill they were able to attract by offering this type of work. This is largely due to the fact that the importance of balancing work and family for the millennial generation has actually led to higher levels of productivity and output when work is done on-demand.

It is highly motivating to see that research such as the Forrester report continues to prove that on-demand and flexible skills are both increasing in demand and have many benefits for the organisations that embrace them. Read the full Forrester Study.

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