Dual Career Parents: How To Keep Skills in the Marketplace

Dual Career Parents: How To Keep Skills in the Marketplace

Picture the scene: A meeting is running late and you need all your staff present. So, a key staff member grabs their phone and types up a quick WhatsApp to her husband to let him know she won’t make it in time to collect the kids from soccer practice. Before she can even hit send, a message pops up on her screen, from husband himself, informing her that his meeting is also running late and he won’t make it in time to collect from soccer practise either.

Welcome to Dual Career Parenting

While more and more families rely on dual incomes to make ends meet, the reality is that having both partners in the workplace can put strain on family life. As an employer you may not think this is your concern, but whatever affects your employee’s domestic life has a direct result on their workplace productivity.

One obvious concern is that as mothers bear the brunt, they often opt not to return to the workplace after having children, or bow out when they can no longer juggle both. Some companies consider this to be a women’s issue, while we at RecruitMyMom recognise it to be a workforce issue, and help to combat it in order to prevent the already deepening skills shortage we face in our country. 

The solution? Unfortunately there isn’t one neat and tidy solution wrapped up with a bow on top of it, there are however ways to limit the strain on dual career couples in order to ensure they feel supported and vital skills remain in the workplace.

Increase female diversity

From the top to the bottom, female representation and diversity matters. When female employees have female bosses, mentors and role models who not only understand the challenges they face, but who have themselves managed to overcome them, it eases the way. This decreases the gender leak that takes place around child bearing age and helps you to retain top female talent and tap into an often unreachable talent pool of skilled women through agencies like RecruitMyMom.

Be Flexible 

There are many different types of flexibility you can offer your staff. While Workplace flexibility, which pertains to work location, and flexible work hours are the most common, if neither of those are options then consider things like flexible holiday schedules to align with school holidays, or micro-flexibility which would allow a parent to deal with family emergencies should they arise. The important thing to remember is that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to flexibility. Communicate with your staff and find out what best suits their needs. 

Go Remote

It’s not just working moms who benefit from working remotely. From increased productivity to significant savings, remote work has proved itself a winning workplace formula all round. When given the choice between a raise or remote work, employees are choosing remote work. This means, in order to retain and attract top, skilled staff, you need to have remote work in your arsenal of benefits to offer.

By helping employees be more present at home, you’re helping them to be more present at work. By supporting dual career parents, you’re boosting workplace productivity, working to retain current staff as well as making yourself more attractive to prospective employees.

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