Employee Benefits Proven To Attract And Retain Female Talent

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Employee Benefits Proven To Attract And Retain Female Talent

Financial security is a powerful force driving women's impressive participation in the workforce. However, today's talented women seek more than just a competitive salary. Financial stability is unquestionably important, but it's only one aspect of the puzzle, as the Working Women Report 2024 from RecruitMyMom found when looking to attract and retain female talent. 

Unlock your company's talent potential by prioritising comprehensive employee benefits that resonate with women's needs through various life stages. In this article, we delve into the motivating forces behind working women and share insights into the employee benefits companies can offer to attract and retain this untapped talent.


The role that salary plays in attracting and retaining female talent


According to RecruitMyMom’s research, twenty-one percent of women in the workforce actively seek new employment opportunities, with competitive salary offerings being an appealing factor.


RecruitMyMom Working Women in South Africa Report 2024


Competitive compensation is a powerful tool for attracting female talent who brings valuable skills and experience to the workforce. Offering a market-related salary from the start demonstrates the employer’s commitment to their female employee’s contributions, fostering a sense of security and satisfaction. This sets the stage for long-term success for both the company and the employee. 

Regular salary reviews are key to retaining female talent. By aligning a company’s compensation with industry standards, an employer fosters a culture of fairness that motivates and retains a dedicated workforce and future female talent pipeline. Ultimately, investing in well-deserved remuneration empowers a team, leading to a more productive, innovative, and successful organisation.


Highlighting the power of flexibility to attract and retain female talent


According to the research, female employees place flexibility and remote work as the second and third most appealing factors when looking for a job, respectively.


RecruitMyMom Working Women in South Africa Report 2024


“To be a present mom when my child is sick as opposed to taking a full day off work because the child is sick. Being able to plan my day according to my most productive hours means being able to balance being a single mom and a career woman.” - Anonymous respondent in the RecruitMyMom Working Women Report 2024.


The beauty of workplace flexibility is its variety. From micro-flexibility for running errands to fully remote positions with flexible hours, there's an option to empower every woman. Employers can tailor these arrangements to individual needs, team dynamics, and overall structure.


By offering flexible work models that resonate with employees and meet business needs, an employer unlocks the potential to:


  • Attract high-calibre female talent: Flexibility is a major draw, and showcasing your commitment to it positions the company as an employer of choice.
  • Boost retention: Women empowered to manage work-life integration with flexible options are more likely to stay with a company.
  • Unlock productivity: Studies show flexible work arrangements can lead to increased employee satisfaction and productivity. 


Offering flexible work arrangements is a powerful strategy for building a thriving and talented workforce. Read our article for tips on setting up a hybrid work model.


Offer employee benefits that women value


Investing in a comprehensive benefits that are meaningful to employees is a winning strategy when attracting and retaining top female talent. The research report found that medical aid, pension fund contributions, bonuses, and training and development opportunities are the most attractive employee benefits for women seeking employment. 


                 RecruitMyMom Working Women in South Africa Report 2024


By offering any or all of these benefits, an employer demonstrates their commitment to employee well-being, financial security, and professional growth. 

Benefits like maternity leave and childcare support ranked less for women (three percent). While these benefits are important, offering them as part of the compensation package will not significantly impact attracting top-calibre female staff. This knowledge empowers employers to focus on the benefits that truly matter to their female candidates. 

By prioritising competitive compensation, flexible work arrangements, and an appealing benefits package, businesses, with the help of RecruitMyMom, can unlock a vast pool of skilled women, fostering a diverse and empowered workforce that drives innovation and success for both the company and its female employees.

For more key insights and actionable strategies for attracting and retaining female talent, download the RecruitMyMom Working Women in South Africa Report 2024.

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