Empowering Women: RecruitMyMom's Commitment To Building Female Careers

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Empowering Women: RecruitMyMom's Commitment To Building Female Careers

RecruitMyMom is passionate about building female careers and connecting skilled women with fulfilling jobs. That is why we undertook the largest working women research study in South Africa to help us understand your needs and aspirations as a working woman and how we can better advocate for you.

This insightful report dives deep into the experiences and preferences of South African working women. Our goal was twofold: to empower working women with the knowledge they need to navigate their career journeys and to equip employers with valuable data to create workplaces that thrive with a diverse and skilled female workforce.

Women have the education edge

In South Africa, women dominate the education scene. Fifty-six percent of matriculation candidates in the 2023 National Senior Certificate exams were female. 
Here's the most exciting part: more than half (fifty-two percent) of people with degrees and other post-secondary qualifications are women, showing a strong and growing presence in higher education. 
This isn't just happening in general studies either; even in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields, where opportunities might have been limited before, women now represent nearly half (forty-seven percent) of graduates across all levels at African universities.
This data paints a clear picture: women in South Africa are achieving remarkable things in education. And guess what? This translates directly into future success! 
With more qualified women entering the workforce, the potential for innovation, economic growth, and social progress is limitless. This education shift promises a brighter future for women in South Africa, allowing you to compete for and excel in any position you set your sights on, from mid-level management to senior leadership and even the C-suite. 

South African women are ambitious

Research shows that a staggering seventy-eight percent of working women actively seek career growth. This ambition translates into dedication, a thirst for excellence, and a powerful driver for company growth. That's right, you're part of a highly motivated group that aims for excellence.

RecruitMyMom is advocating for you by only accepting meaningful career-building opportunities.
We want companies to recognise your ambition by creating clear career paths for advancement and opportunities to develop the skills of working women. When you find a company that invests in your growth, you unlock your full potential and become a powerful driver of success, both for yourself and the organisation.

Advocating for what drives female careers

Work offers purpose and connection, but our Working Women Report 2024 shows that salary, bonuses, and benefits are your top priorities. This makes sense; eighty percent of working women have dependents, and thirty-seven are sole income earners. 

        Source: RecruitMyMom Working Women Report 2024
RecruitMyMom understands that financial security is important to you, and we encourage you to prioritise it in your job search! RecruitMyMom screens opportunities and rejects positions with significantly below-market salaries. We're here to connect you with jobs that value your skills and experience, offering the compensation and benefits you deserve.


RecruitMyMom is breaking down stereotypes in female careers

The Working Women Report 2024 debunks the myth that most working women want part-time work. Although the majority of women prefer full-time hours, a hybrid work model with flexibility is most common. 

            Source: RecruitMyMom Working Women Report 2024

There are variations, though. Women in senior and executive roles, especially, are prioritising work-life balance and desire part-time or reduced workweeks. Younger mothers (aged 24-35 years old) have a preference for flexible work arrangements, such as reduced work weeks or part-time hours, to better manage childcare responsibilities. 

RecruitMyMom is working hard behind the scenes to bridge the gap between what women like you want and what employers offer. We champion flexible work arrangements as a way to attract top talent. We also provide helpful resources to companies on setting up hybrid work policies. "Pay for productivity, not presence," is a motto we live by, which means valuing what gets done over where it gets done. We want to empower you and your career.

Know your preferences and seek out companies offering work arrangements that align with your lifestyle and career goals. Don't be afraid to ask about flexible options during your job search; it's a sign of a company that values its employees and understands the diverse needs of a successful workforce.

Unleashing the potential of you

Don't underestimate the power you bring to the table as a working woman in South Africa. Leverage your qualifications, research companies that prioritise your needs, and explore flexible work options and competitive benefits to find the perfect fit for your career goals and personal life.
Remember, companies that invest in female careers invest in their business success. You are the change-makers, the leaders, and the driving force behind South Africa's future. Go out there with confidence, and claim your place. 

RecruitMyMom created the Working Women Report to support you, so we can all work together to build a future where work and life go hand-in-hand. Let's unlock the full potential of South Africa's working women, for not only our benefit but for businesses and the entire economy.

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