How to bring entrepreneurial thinking into your workplace

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How to bring entrepreneurial thinking into your workplace

Do you consider yourself having an entrepreneurial mindset? Entrepreneurship is often associated with starting a business, but it can also be practised within a traditional workplace. As a working mom bringing entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour into the workplace, you could not only drive innovation and growth but positively impact your career path too. We thought to share six ways you, as an employee, can bring entrepreneurial thinking to your workplace:

1. Identify opportunities for improvement

In any working environment there is always room for improvement. By identifying areas that need improvement and finding creative solutions, you can bring new ideas to the table and contribute to the overall success of the company. 

2. Take initiative

Entrepreneurs are known for taking action and not waiting for someone else to take the lead. This same attitude can be applied to the workplace by taking initiative on projects, making suggestions and taking ownership of tasks. By taking the lead, you show your commitment to the company and demonstrate your value to your team and the organisation.

3. Build a network

Entrepreneurs understand the value of networking and building relationships. By intentionally building relationships within your organisation and with others in your industry, you will gain a better understanding of the broader market and be able to identify opportunities for growth. You can also gain valuable insights and connections that will benefit your career and the company as a whole.

4. Be a problem solver

Always come with possible solutions to potential problem areas.  Try not to only focus on the problem at hand but rather be solutions-driven to every problem. You could also ask your colleagues for their input and collectively find proposed solutions. This shows your team work interest, dedication and interest in the business.

5. Embrace risk and failure

Entrepreneurs are not afraid to take risks and embrace failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. In the workplace, you can apply this mindset by taking on new challenges and embracing change. By being open to new experiences and stepping outside your comfort zone you will learn and grow from each experience. Watch our video with entrepreneur Lindile Xoko on the advantage of failing forward for success. 

6. Speak up

If you’re sitting with a great idea that could benefit the company you work for or improve ways of working then don’t be afraid to speak up. Book an appointment with your boss, send them an email or contribute to meetings with your ideas. You never know what value you can bring, especially as a working mom. Don’t be deterred if you are not listened to at first, it’s part of taking risk and growing in your entrepreneurial mindset  journey. 

By embracing an entrepreneurial mindset, you’ll be more engaged at work, drive change and further advance your career.

“Engaged workers, though, have bought into what the organization is about and are trying to make a difference. This is why they're usually the most productive workers." says Jim Harter, Gallup's chief scientist of employee engagement and wellbeing 

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