How to reduce your staffing cost while still growing the business

How to reduce your staffing cost while still growing the business

You have deadlines to meet and need skilled staff to help you meet the deadline, but you cannot afford the high staffing cost to hire any more permanent staff... what can you do?
The solution is easy....

Hire career part-timers. An online agency like RecruitMyMom specialises in matching forward-thinking companies to top skilled women looking for meaningful part-time and flexible employment. 

Skilled women who seek permanent, fixed duration or independent contracting meaningful employment in a more flexible manner, albeit in office, remote or a combination of the two. As a business owner, you can employ these skills in your business as needs grow and not necessarily in a traditional full-time manner and doing so, reduce your staffing cost.

If you need an independent contractor, consultant, part-timer or full-time partly flexible worker, RecruitMyMom has over 150 different skills to choose from including chartered accountants, bookkeepers, marketing managers, HR consultants, business developers, project managers, graphic designers, executive assistants, researchers and administrators, to name just a few.

These skilled candidates are highly qualified, valuable professionals with years of experience and are largely inaccessible through other recruitment channels due to their need for flexibility. They are technologically savvy,  emotionally intelligent, patient, empathetic, team players and an asset to any organisation.


What are the advantages for employers in hiring more flexible skills?

Gone are the days when a person spent an entire career at one company, working full time, in office for five days a week. Today, employers are looking at various cost-effective options including, employees working remotely, part-time, flexible hours in or out of office and independent contracts.


Lower overheads

One of the most beneficial reasons for an employer to use independent contractors or part-time employees is to lower fixed overheads. When you use independent contractors and part-time employees you pay as per the work required. Lower overheads do not mean lower productivity, in fact, quite the opposite. Hour for hour part-time workers are more productive than full-time workers. 


Reduced contribution costs

Independent contractors do not qualify for benefits such as UIF, sick leave and annual leave, saving companies a significant amount of money.  Employing permanent or fixed duration part-time skills do incur these costs but at a lower cost due to the reduced hours worked. 


Only pay for what you need

Offering independent contract work and fixed duration project work options is an effective way to attract specialised expertise for a specific amount of time and allows you to staff exactly according to your company’s skill and resource requirements. 

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Fixed headcount

Independent contractors don’t go onto the company payroll so the company headcount is fixed. For example, if you only need a graphic designer for one project at a time, hiring an independent contractor is a great staffing alternative. 


Reduce the hiring cost

Starting as a fixed duration contract worker, even when hired on a part-time basis, often converts into a permanent position as it allows the employer to test the calibre of expertise and cultural fit.


Affordable expertise

Hiring highly skilled independent contractors or hiring someone on a part-time basis enables you to bring specialised expertise to the job when you can't afford to recruit someone on a full-time basis with a fixed budget. These women are experienced in their field and are capable, committed and productive immediately, eliminating the time and cost of training.


Reduce overtime costs

Using part-time staff can help reduce the workload of other employees who, for example, regularly work overtime to meet demands. Not only can this reduce overtime costs, but it can be beneficial to your permanent employees by helping prevent stress and burnout. 


Increased productivity

Offering employees flexibility, where they can schedule work around their personal needs, has been proven to increase productivity. This reduces the staffing cost as the employer gets more and better work from employees for the same amount of time.   


It’s so simple.....

Place a free job ad as an employer on RecruitMyMom and our professional recruitment managers will find the right candidate for the job. What’s more, you only pay upon success. 

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