How upskilling could land you a job in 2020

How upskilling could land you a job in 2020

Why would you need upskilling, if you have over five years work experience? It can make you more employable.

South Africa is said to be the most technologically advanced country in Africa. As such, we have in recent years experienced a dramatic shift from the traditional pen-and-paper method to online systems, as more and more businesses are making technological advances in an effort to reduce costs and increase productivity. Both of which are good for business, but what does that mean for you as a current and potential employee? The good news is that you, thankfully, do not have to worry about machines/computers stealing all the good jobs. You do however need to step up your game if you’re trying to get a job in 2020. Here's how you can upskill yourself to help you find a job in 2020:

Do your research

In order to upskill yourself you need to know which skills are available or high in demand. According to a recent study pertaining to work trends in 2020, South Africans can look forward to an increased demand for jobs in the technology and development sector. Particularly web/software developers, programmers and coders which correspondingly are also some of the highest paying jobs in South Africa, due to its lack of skilled workers. New jobs such as digital marketing, social media content writing and cloud accounting have quickly gained popularity and are constantly adding new skills to the job market. Other more traditional careers such as accounting, bookkeeping, engineering and general administrative jobs, which have been around for some time, have evolved from the pen-and-paper method to better online systems and processes thus providing a set of new technical skills to be learnt by both experts and novices alike.

Upskill yourself

Once you know which skills are available for your designated career you now need to decide which course of action would suit you best. There are short online courses, workshops, free webinars and video tutorials. Any sort of training, certified or not, is guaranteed to boost your CV and fill any gaps that may have formed since your last job. It will also ensure that you are on par with any technological advancements in your industry.

Use reliable sources

The internet is overloaded with short courses and training so it could be challenging to try and find the right one, however it’s always best to opt for a reputable brand/company. Most of the more popular courses are either free or very affordable and will allow you to do it at your own pace. Once you have completed the course/training be sure to add it to your CV so that you can start applying straight away.

Below is a list of careers with available online courses and a list of sites where you can access them:

  • Coding and programming: Coding Mamas and Future Learn.
  • Bookkeeping / Accounting / Finance: Cloud accounting is a sought after skill in these careers. Access free training from Xero.
  • Digital Marketing: New certified courses are loaded regularly on Google Skillshop. You can also access Facebook Business training
  • Virtual assistants: Learn how to use Google Drive/Docs on Google Skillshop OR learn how to use MS Online Tools on Microsoft Learn.
  • Website Developer: Learn how to use Wix, WordPress, Azure, Python and Javascipt on Microsoft Academy.
  • Software developer: Learn about software fundamentals, database fundamentals, web application development, Microsoft Azure, Python, software testing and Java programming courses by enrolling in the IT Academy.
  • Writers: Copywriting and content writing courses are free on Google Skillshop.
  • Travel Consultant: Learn a new language for free on
  • Business management: Business and data related short courses are accredited from UCT Online.

The sooner you start upskilling yourself the sooner we can help you find your ideal job.

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