Job hunting? It’s the perfect time to SPRING into action!

Job hunting? It’s the perfect time to SPRING into action!

There’s a season for everything, and the same is true of looking for a job. If you’ve taken a break from job hunting during the winter months then now is the perfect time to regroup and get going again. Spring brings with it an exciting energy, it’s the season of fresh starts and hope. It’s the time when companies have their pre-summer hiring push and to ensure you don’t miss out, here are five tips to help you ‘spring’ into action with your seasonal job search. 

1. Clean up your cover letter & dust off your CV

No matter how good your CV is, there’s a chance recruiters and employers won’t even get to it if your cover letter is lacking. Before you hit send, check and double check your spelling and grammar. It’s a simple thing but can make a big difference. Find out more on how to write the perfect cover letter here. 

The most important thing to remember is that there is no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ cover letter or CV. You should tailor both to the job to which you’re applying. Identify which skills are most important to the job specification and then highlight these skills in your CV. That way your CV backs up your cover letter and spares the recruiter or employer the hard work of having to search for your skills which might fit the job. You can read a full CV check list here.

2. Overhaul your offering

If you’ve been out of the workplace for a while, chances are that things have changed since you’ve been gone. To give yourself the best chance of remaining relevant on re-entry into the workplace, you might need to upskill. Upskilling is the process of learning new skills to stay ahead in the advancing and ever-changing workplace. It will keep you at the forefront of your chosen industry and give you better work prospects. Find out more about the benefits of upskilling here. 

3. Straighten up your social media presence

Your presence online can have a lot of impact when you’re job hunting, just make sure the impact it has is a positive one. It’s a good idea to Google yourself before an interview, see what comes up and which of your social media profiles are inadvertently set to public. If you choose to keep your social media profiles public, they should be up-to-date, aligning with the same information reflected on your CV. Public profiles should also be pristine profiles. In short, stay clear of posting the two C’s: cursing and cocktails! 

4. Spruce up your wardrobe

You’ve heard the expression, ‘first impressions count,’ and clothes are a big part of that. This means that what you wear to a job interview could make or break your prospective employer’s opinion of you.  If you’re not sure what to wear, take a look at the company website and get a feel for the office culture. Always err on the smart side; rather be the smartest person in the room than the only one in flip flops. You can find more advice on what to wear to your next job interview here. 

5. Register on RecruitMyMom

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to give yourself the best chance at finding your dream job by registering on RecruitMyMom. We believe that remote and flexible working benefits employers and empowers women for a better work-life integration. You can register for free here. 

Remember, while spring may be the perfect time to tidy up your job hunting techniques, you can start your job search all year round. These five tips will give you the confidence to put your best foot in any season of the year.

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