The Mom Bias is Real, But Hiring Them is Smart

The Mom Bias is Real, But Hiring Them is Smart

South Africa has a concerning skills shortage in the workplace. However, with over 1200 000 skilled women registered on our database, we at RecruitMyMom are in a privileged position to be able to do something about that. By assisting skilled women to remain or re-enter the workplace, RecruitMyMom gets to play a vital role in reducing that skills shortage, which is just one of the things we love about what we do.

RecruitMyMom works with many clients who join us in our belief that flexible working, both hours and location, benefits both employers and employees, as well as empowers women for a better work-life integration. However, there are unfortunately still biases which exist about hiring mothers. A paper in the African Women’s Report 2021 outlined some of these concerns, and this article serves to address them, as well as other biases which exist in the workplace.

Misconception #1

Will a mom manage both the job and her mother duties?

Truth: Mothers are the ultimate productivity machines. You’ve heard  Lucille Ball’s quote, ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.’ That rings true for working moms. There are no water cooler chitchats for moms or hanging around in the canteen, when a mom is working she is focused and will get the job done. Also, moms hold families together: schedules, expectations, meal plans, they aren’t in the business of letting people down. Same goes for the workplace. It’s our experience that if you hire a mom, your deadlines will be met with ninja precision.

Misconception #2

Will a mom work less than her colleagues?

Truth: Work is about quality, not quantity. Moms have known this all along, and with more of the workforce working remotely, employees are starting to realise this as well. Parenthood is the ideal training ground for productivity and moms are wired to make the most out of every working hour they have. Whether they’re present at their desks for eight hours a day or not, they consistently deliver excellent work timeously.

Misconception #3

If I hire a mom will she be focused or distracted?

Truth: Contrary to what hesitant employers might imagine, working moms are not typing with one hand and entertaining a child with the other. Firstly, a working mom in a flexible role doesn’t always mean a work-from-home mom. And even those moms who do work from home realise the importance of keeping their work-life and home-life separate. They are time management wizzes who make the most out of each and every hour they have. They know how precious their ‘on’ hours are, so they zone in, focus and use their time wisely.

Misconception #4

Will she be as committed to her career as someone who doesn’t have children?

Truth: It is a common misconception that mothers are often perceived as less committed to their jobs than women without children. Truth is, studies have shown that women with children have been known to achieve more than women without children at every stage of their careers. Moms bring that same fierce commitment they display to their families as they do to their careers. They work hard and give of their best, as they are aware of the opportunity their careers give them to be inspirational and aspirational role models for their children.

As you can see, the 120 000+ skilled women on RecruitMyMom’s database would be an asset to any team. Not only are moms hard working, they have unique leadership skills, problem solving abilities and can offer creative perspectives other employees might not consider. That bottom line is that, while the bias unfortunately still exists, hiring moms is the smart thing to do. 

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