The Power of Working Moms to Boost Profitability

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The Power of Working Moms to Boost Profitability

There is a belief that working moms are less committed to their careers than other employees. It's time to change this antiquated mindset and bias. Mothers successfully manage both their careers and their children and prove to be assets in the workplace.

This belief has been challenged by research, and in fact, the skills and perspectives women gain as mothers have substantial benefits in the workplace. According to studies, having moms in leadership roles not only benefits the organisation as a whole but also boosts profitability and success

Businesses need to emphasise the mother advantage rather than highlighting the motherhood penalty: being a mother actually helps, not hinders, career advancement. 


"Mom skills" are workplace assets


The skills a woman learns after becoming a mother are like no other. This is a skill set that is in high demand by employers. Their skill set enhances collaboration, innovation, productivity, and teamwork. 


Harnessing the soft skills of moms


Empathy comes naturally to mothers as a result of raising their children. Empathy is an asset in the workplace. Not only does it improve human interactions, but it leads to more effective communication and positive outcomes. This will enhance the company’s culture and promote greater teamwork and collaboration.

Women encounter extreme wins and defeats on a daily basis as mothers. They are able to calmly and effectively reconnect the team as a result. 


Moms excel with time management and prioritising


By observing a woman balance her personal life, her children's activities, the household, and so much more: mothers are experts at time management and prioritisation. In essence, being a mother pushes you to meticulously prioritise every moment of every day, including those moments at work. 

According to a study by Ernst & Young, “Women in flexible roles waste only 11.1 percent, compared to an average of 14.5 percent for the rest of the working population. Given that 43.2 percent of women in the workforce work part-time, compared to 13.5 percent of men.” This translates into an important productivity bonus that few employers recognise.


Moms in leadership positions = proven success


Women have proven to be skilled leaders and negotiators. This is probably due to the fact that they rely on effective listening, communication, and conflict resolution skills. They also perform really well under pressure.

Peterson Institute for International Economics carried out extensive research  from 21,980 public companies in 91 different countries, representing a variety of industries. It found that having at least 30 percent of women in leadership positions increases a business's net profit margin by six percent

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Moms enhance healthy team dynamics


Moms are exceptional at bringing people together because they act as peacemakers, mediators, and empaths both at home and at work. 

Hiring working mothers increases the diversity of your employees in addition to their special skill sets cultivated at home. This provides new perspectives and encourages collaboration and innovation.

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Men and women each bring unique perspectives and skills to the workplace, and a balance of these skills and perspectives will result in stronger team relationships, better decision-making, and a better working environment.

The evidence is clear: hiring mothers is good for your business’s bottom line. Mothers are exceptionally talented, gifted, and qualified. More businesses should give priority to them because they readily transition skills from their personal lives to their professional lives.

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