A story of hope

A story of hope

At RecruitMyMom we are passionate about making a difference in the lives of women. We want to share this story from one of our candidates that was recently placed into work. It’s a story of hope and encouragement not to give up.


“I’m a mom of six-year-old twins and have been a member of RecruitMyMom for over six years. Three years ago the unthinkable happened, my husband passed away suddenly – he was the breadwinner in the family. Literally, the carpet was taken from under my feet, we lost everything and basically, I had to now become the sole provider for my three-year-old twins.

There have been many ups and downs for the three of us since then and the cherry on the cake was when I was told recently that I was being retrenched due to COVID-19. I felt completely devastated – it felt like my husband had died all over again. I fell apart, when I was told I was retrenched, I was literally on the floor and that’s how my kids saw me unfortunately when I heard my husband passed away. This news really threw me for a loop.

If you get retrenched and you have your husband or your partner, you’ve always got someone to cushion you a little bit, but as a single mom in this world and there’s not a lot of back-up - it is really tough.

It’s such a journey – you have your emotions as well as your kids emotions to worry about. My twins still ask me every night about their dad and why was he taken away from them and it’s heartbreaking for me to tell them but they want to hear it. I don’t wish this pain on my worst enemy – losing your husband and then suddenly having to become the sole provider for the family. I have been lucky to have had support from my parents and sisters, so I’m very blessed. If it wasn’t for their support I would not be able to do the things that I can do. Charity really does begin at home!


My prayers were answered when I saw a job advertised on RecruitMyMom that was exactly what I was looking for and I applied for it. I was contacted by an amazing, empathetic Recruitment Manager who listened to me and understood my story and I felt from the get-go that she wanted to help me get this job. The entire process from beginning to end was just so seamless, personal as well as being completely professional.

This job is a game-changer for me and I honestly can’t thank RecruitMyMom enough. The job offers the flexibility I need and the client (who is lovely, by the way), is looking to expand her business so that is fantastic news. 

I have always loved what RecruitMyMom stands for - to be able to empower skilled moms and offer the flexibility we require. So thanks again and keep up the exceptional work.”


Every person we deal with has an extraordinary story and their own unique challenges. We are continuously looking into ways of how we can better support our moms and reach more potential employers who see the benefit of hiring skilled moms. Stories like these from Helen touch our hearts and encourage us to keep on doing what we do.

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