Strengthening Support Systems: The Crucial Role of Networking for Working Moms

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Strengthening Support Systems: The Crucial Role of Networking for Working Moms

Of all the lessons you should learn in your career, the ability to network strategically is one of the most important. 

Given the integral role networking plays in careers and general life, it is underutilised among women. Although women are typically seen as more "social" than men overall, according to the 2018 Women in the Workplace report by and McKinsey, women network less than men. However, given the challenge working moms face juggling the obligations of work and family, women should be networking more so they can create a strong support network. 

Networking is essential for empowering working moms and promoting their success on both a personal and professional level. We get it: networking can be tedious and awkward, plus time-consuming with your already busy schedule. But according to a joint study by the Adler Group and LinkedIn, 85 percent of jobs are filled through networking, which means this activity ultimately benefits us in the long term.


The Power of Networking


Although networking is often linked to career advancement, its advantages go far beyond the development of your career. Networking helps working mothers make connections with people who share their interests and are aware of the particular challenges they encounter. These relationships can offer moral support, emotional support, advice, and insights. Working moms can access a community of peers through networking who can connect with their experiences, share resources, and offer advice. This empowers them to overcome challenges and achieve satisfying work-life integration. Read our previous blog on The Importance And Value Of Networking For Women In Business.


Expanding Career Opportunities 


In order to broaden one's professional horizons and open doors to new opportunities, networking is a crucial component of career development. Working moms can network with potential mentors, employers, and peers who can provide insightful information, employment prospects, and even mentorship opportunities by attending networking events, conferences, and industry-specific gatherings. Through networking, they are exposed to various industries, trends, and cutting-edge insight, allowing them to remain competitive and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. Additionally, networking can open doors to flexible employment opportunities, which can be especially helpful for working mothers looking for better work-life integration.


Sharing Knowledge and Resources


Working moms can access an extensive amount of knowledge and resources via networking. They can share expertise, advice, and approaches for overcoming typical difficulties by engaging with other professionals. This exchange of information and expertise makes it easier to come up with practical solutions for typical work-family challenges. Working moms can learn from one another and gain useful suggestions that can improve their personal and professional lives through networking, whether it's for locating dependable childcare, time management, or looking into alternate work arrangements.


Building Confidence and Empowerment


Networking is very important for boosting self-esteem and empowering working mothers. Their ability to successfully juggle work and family obligations might be motivated and encouraged by networking with other professionals who have done the same. Their feeling of self-worth is strengthened, and their confidence in their talents is increased by having meaningful interactions, sharing successes, and receiving encouragement from a supportive network. As they develop their professional journeys while dealing with the demands of motherhood, this newly gained confidence may have a favourable impact on their career journey and overall satisfaction.

Working moms can use networking as an excellent tool for expanding their connections. Networking enables working mothers to flourish both personally and professionally by establishing connections with those facing similar challenges, enhancing employment chances, exchanging knowledge and resources, and boosting confidence. They can successfully integrate their professional and personal lives with the help of a solid support structure, setting a good example for future generations.


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