Top Trends Helping Moms In The Workplace

Top trends helping moms in the workplace

Technology has changed the way people work. Technology is enabling different ways of hiring and retaining talent. These trends in the workplace are creating a favourable environment for women, in particular for mothers who have to juggle the responsibilities of family and career. Here are some of the latest trends that have positively impacted women in the workplace.


Gender Diversity

One of the UN’s Sustainable Developmental Goals is to achieve gender equality. This goal looks at equal employment opportunities for women and men. These goals have been widely accepted in companies as a guideline to support sustainably. With only 27% of managerial positions being filled by women worldwide in 2018, it means that there is still room for growth and companies are actively focussing on having a more gender-diverse managerial workforce.



A returnship is a form of internship for adults who have been out of the labour market for a while and who wish to return (Source: The Muse). It provides support and training to assist women to get back into the workplace successfully.


Flexible working hours

The demand for flexibility in work has increased dramatically in the past couple of years. The city of Cape Town, for example, is working with private businesses to introduce flexible working arrangements to ease the traffic problem. This is great for moms who need some flexibility around their children’s schedules.


Remote work

There are numerous benefits to remote work, and with the increase in the number of remote working hubs now available shows that more companies are investing in these benefits. Research indicates that employees are more engaged if they can spend some time working out of the office or from home.


Soft Skills

As the nature of work is changing at a rapid pace, employers have become more interested in what soft skills employees have to offer. For example, emotional maturity is now one of the most sought after soft skills that employers are looking for. This is good news for moms, as many of these soft skills are gained through the experience of raising children.

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These workplace trends all make it easier for moms to contribute to the labour market while still being able to support their families as a mother. We are excited to see how these trends will change the future of work in South Africa and in the lives of skilled working mothers.

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