Virtual Assistants - hiring differently is changing growth for SME’s

Virtual Assistants

The term "Virtual Assistant" is relatively new in South Africa. Business owners when considering hiring an assistant to lighten the workload often only think only of hiring someone in-office. However, since the rapid growth of the internet and home-based working, Virtual Assisting is one of the fastest growing new jobs, followed closely behind by “Digital Moms”.

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What exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

A sci-fi mind image may be that of a Barbie-sized hologram appearing on the desk to be at one’s beck and call. The reality is that a Virtual Assistant is precisely what the name says it is, a person that assists one from a virtual office space, often in a home or a co-working office environment. They can be self-employed professionals, who work for multiple clients, depending on time requirements. Virtual Assistants can assist with almost anything including financial assistance, marketing, design, diary management, research assistance, administration, writing, cloud accounting and much more. Anything an SME needs help with, that can be done from a virtual office, would fall into a Virtual Assistant role.

Some of the roles which fall under Virtual Assistant overlap with what freelancers do. Mostly this is the same thing, but virtual assistants can include positions not associated with freelancing such as administration and financial management where freelancing is mostly associated with the creative advertising industry.


How are Virtual Assistants helping SME's grow?

For start-ups and SME's, it’s common for business owners/managers to attempt to manage everything themselves for cost-efficiency and control purposes. While doing everything oneself is a fast way to learn all aspects of running a business, it can quickly become overwhelming, and too time-consuming. It's true that every part of running a business is essential, no matter how small – but some tasks are better outsourced to enable the management team to focus on working 'on' the business rather than 'in' the business. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is an affordable and low-risk high return way to get the skills a business needs. RecruitMyMom, utilising a database of thousands of skilled women looking for part-time and flexible work has made it easy for SME’s to hire the right Virtual Assistant by matching client’s needs to the skills required.

Quick Virtual Assist, a new service recently launched by RecruitMyMom, enables businesses to request quick assistance from our existing base of tried and tested Virtual Assistants for fast project turnaround. Examples are graphic design for company social media images and email communication, HR advice, or set-up assistance with cloud-based accounting packages such as Xero to name a few.


Pros to hiring a Virtual Assistant

Having a Virtual Assistant saves a company both time and money while delivering a skill that helps grow the business.

  1. Time - Free up valuable management time to focus on revenue and growth strategies. 
  2. Speed - Tasks get done faster by an assistant who is experienced in a specific skill. 
  3. Space - Companies don’t need to provide additional office space, thereby reducing the cost of rental space by having an in-office assistant. 
  4. Empower - Delegate tasks management is not skilled, or too skilled to do. 
  5. Stress Reduction - Remove non-essential tasks from senior decision makers in the business or enhance skills within the company to assist with delivery. 
  6. Revenue growth - Focus on essential business tasks.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant takes the pressure off having to pay someone’s monthly salary, as one only pays for the portion of their output used. As the business grows, one can increase the Virtual Assistants hours or take on multiple Virtual Assistants to build the business.


Quick Virtual Assist from RecruitMyMom

RecruitMyMom has recently launched a new service to their offering.

The hiring process for a Quick Virtual Assistant is as follow:

  • Load a job specification here
  • A RecruitMyMom Manager will call you and be your primary contact.
  • The Manager will select the perfect Quick Virtual Project Assistant for your skill requirement from our database.
  • Project Fees are agreed on upfront with the RecruitMyMom Manager depending on length, skill and experience required.
  • The Quick Virtual Assistant will work closely with the business.
  • RecruitMyMom manages all payments for our clients to the Virtual Assistant.
  • An upfront deposit is required for all Quick Virtual Assist Projects, but not for long-term Virtual Assistant Projects.

Quick Virtual Assist current skills from RecruitMyMom include but are not limited to:

  • Graphic Design
  • Cloud Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Administration
  • Proofreading
  • Content Writing 
  • Secretarial


Finding the right Virtual Assistant can take a business to another level through the additional skill and resource they can provide. This is an attractive, affordable option for any business but particularly early start-ups who don’t need a full-time in-office resource, particularly during stages of early growth and change.

If you are interested in being considered for a Virtual Assistant position with RecruitMyMom, follow these steps below:

  • Sign up as a candidate for free.
  • Log into your account on RecruitMyMom
  • Go to Edit my Profile
  • Select My CV
  • Tick the Virtual Assistant box under "Select the type of jobs you are interested in".
  • Remember to Save

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