What kind of Working Mom are you? Take the RecruitMyMom quiz to find out

What kind of Working Mom are you? Take the RecruitMyMom quiz to find out

Working moms are the ultimate multi-taskers, from sandwich spread to spreadsheets; they have a lot on the go every day and tackle their tasks in a host of different ways. You’ve heard of a helicopter parent but have you heard of a stapler parent? For the RecruitMyMom quiz, we’ve opened up the pencil case on every working mother’s desk and taken a peek inside. Are you the keep-it-all-together stapler? How about the rigid ruler? Or perhaps you’re more of a colour-by-number pencil crayon. Well, what kind of working mom are you? Time to take the RecruitMyMom quiz to find out.

Question #1

You wake up bright and early to get some work done before your family emerges. You make a cup of coffee, and no sooner have you fired up your laptop than you hear, “Moooooooom! We’re awake!” Do you…

  1. Put on some earphones, ignore the kids and hope they either go back to sleep or entertain themselves.
  2. Set the kids up with breakfast in front of the TV then quickly carry on with some work before the next interruption.
  3. Close your laptop and enjoy the unexpected extra quality time with your kids.

Question #2

Your boss calls at 8am on a Saturday morning to say he’s around the corner and going to drop off an urgent contract. Peppa Pig is blaring on the TV, you’re still in your pajamas and the kitchen is knee deep in pancake mix. Do you…

  1. Go full military mode. Have a cleaning frenzy so that by the time your boss sets foot in your front door, everything from the hubby to the hound is sparkling like new.
  2. Change out of your pajamas, cake a bit of make-up over your bleary Saturday morning face and sprint to meet your boss at the gate in the hope of discouraging him from coming inside.
  3. Crack a few extra eggs into the pancake mix and shift the piles of unfolded laundry aside to set an extra place at the breakfast table, even bosses need to eat breakfast!

Question #3

You’re tucking your daughter into bed when she tells you about the ‘Save the Salamander’ project she has due for the next day. Do you…

  1. Smile and pull out a completed ‘Save the Salamander’ poster you made during your lunch break the day before.
  2. Get her out of bed and get busy, but not before you pen an email of complaint to the teacher about the absence of the project on the weekly classroom work schedule.
  3. Shrug and get on with it. On the plus side at least you’ll get to use your new glue gun.

Question #4

Your child’s school is running their annual cake sale, your contribution is…

  1. Something healthy and homemade. If the kids don’t like quinoa cookies, they don’t know what’s good for them.
  2. Something homemade… by the nice lady at the bakery down the road.
  3. Honestly, you forgot until the morning of, so you iced some Marie biscuits and threw some sprinkles over them and they were best-sellers!

Question #5

You’re giving a major presentation at work, you have to go into the office and your babysitter just cancelled. Do you…

  1. Ring up the elderly neighbour you’ve spoken to once and beg her to watch your baby for an hour.
  2. Call your boss, explain the situation and ask if you can push the presentation out. If she says no, you’ll call your elderly neighbour you’ve spoken to once…
  3. Take your baby in with you and ask your boss to hold him while you present. Babies love new environments!

Question #6

It’s Sunday afternoon, you have ten minutes free time before your kids get home from a party. Do you…

  1. Free time? What’s that?
  2. Feed the cat, fold the laundry and unload the dishwasher… but you listen to a podcast while you do it so it feels like a break.
  3. Roll out your yoga mat then notice your toe nails need painting but while you’re looking for the nail polish you get distracted sorting out the bathroom cupboards.



Mostly A’s: The Ruler

You’re organized and hard-working which may make it tough for some other moms to measure up to you. Let’s get one thing straight, while you may be a little on the inflexible side, it’s your number your friends keep on speed dial when they want to know what day the cake sale is on.

Mostly B’s: The Stapler

Without you there’d be a lot more meltdowns around the house, you’re the one holding everything together. Although you’d prefer not to, you can adapt to last minute changes when necessary in order to get the job done.

Mostly C’s: The Crayon

Juggling work and motherhood means your neat plan for the day can sometimes end up with colourful scribbles all over it. And you wouldn’t have it any other way. You love finding creative solutions to challenges, both on the work and home front.

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