WORKPLACE QUIZ: Where you should work and why?

WORKPLACE QUIZ: Where you should work and why?

It wasn’t too long ago that you could walk into a coffee shop and say, “One coffee please,” without the barista asking a barrage of follow up questions: “Americano, cappuccino, café au lait, or espresso? Decaf, half-caff or regular? One shot or two? Soy or dairy?”

If you’re confused and need a caffeine-kick just to order your coffee, you’re not alone.

Nowadays, applying for a job can feel quite similar, “I’d like to apply for a job.” You think to yourself firing up your laptop, only to be hit by a deluge of questions like, “Permanent or contract? Remote or in-office work place? Or how about hybrid? Full-time or part-time? What about flexibility?”

Before you swiftly shut your laptop and bury your head back under your duvet, we’re here to help. Take our quick Workplace Quiz to help you decide if in the office, hybrid or remote working is your thing.

Question #1

You have a huge deadline looming, you:

  1. Make sure I’ve hit the deadline a week early.
  2. Procrastinate until the last second. And beyond. And call in for help from a trusted colleague at the last second.
  3. Hit the deadline no matter what. Even if it means pulling an all-nighter.

Question #2

You’re asked to work on an extra team project, you:

  1. Dread it, I prefer working alone.
  2. Are excited! I love working in a team.
  3. Don’t mind. So long as it doesn’t interfere with the rest of my workload.

Question #3

You’ve been working on a big task and finally submit it, you:

  1. Move onto the next task. Knowing I’ve done a good job is enough for me, even if no one else notices.
  2. Wait with bated breath for the feedback. I feel disappointed if my work goes unnoticed.
  3. Would enjoy some feedback, positive or negative, as long as it lets me know I’m on the right track or not.

Question #4

Your career goals are:

  1. Private, I set them for myself. They may seem unrealistic but I am a hard worker.
  2. Set together with my manager and in line with my position and role.
  3. Realistic and achievable.

Question #5

You have a day of meetings. After spending time with your colleagues you feel:

  1. Like I need to recharge my batteries.
  2. Like my batteries have been recharged.
  3. It depends on which colleagues and what kind of meetings I’ve been in.

Question #6

Your colleagues ask you to a social event on the weekend do you:

  1. Decline. My social life is completely separate from my work life.
  2. Agree to go, as far as possible I like to socialize with my colleagues after hours.
  3. Decline due to family responsibility but ask them to bear me in mind next time. Work isn’t my everything, but I don’t mind it occasionally spilling over into my social life.

Question #7

Your work revolves a lot around deadlines. How best do you like to handle them?

  1. I prefer to set my own deadlines and be accountable for hitting them.
  2. I like to be given deadlines and trusted to meet them.
  3. I like to work with others to set deadlines so that they suit everyone in the team.

Question #8

Your role requires a fair amount of communication with colleagues, you:

  1. Prefer to communicate via email.
  2. Face-to-face is always my first choice, that way I can read body language and tone.
  3. I feel zoom works just as well for meetings when face-to-face isn’t an option.  

Question #9

You need help from a colleague, you:

  1. Send a meeting request to schedule some time.
  2. Pop over to their desk for a quick chat.
  3. Send an instant message (WhatsApp, Slack, Google Chat etc.) and ask the question.


Mostly A’s

Remote work

Remote Work

You enjoy and value being able to work independently. You would be well-suited to remote work where you can rely on your self-discipline and organizational strengths.  If you do work in an office environment, it would best suit you to have your own office or cubicle where you can separate yourself from outside chatter. Remember not to completely isolate yourself from socialization, no colleague is an island. Every now and then meet with someone from your team face-to-face for a coffee or schedule regular Zooms to stay connected.


Mostly B’s

In-office work

In-Office Work

Your openness and extraversion best suit you to in-office work. You enjoy working around others, or being around others while working. You are energized by interaction and seek it out. Remember not to lean too heavily on others, grow your own independence by setting your own work-related goals and deadlines. Your extraversion can be a real asset to a remote team as you can encourage others to stay in touch via team zooms and platforms like Slack.


Mostly C’s

Hybrid work

Hybrid Work

You work well independently, but enjoy the social benefits of an in-office environment. The ideal work arrangement for you would be a location flexible agreement. The ‘best of both worlds’ would allow you to retreat and focus on work when you had a big deadline looming, then partake in teamwork and projects in a more social in-office setting when necessary. Remember, the flexibility of a hybrid work agreement doesn’t exclusively meet your schedule’s needs but rather the entire team’s, so that means you’ll have to work around the needs of your teammates' schedules as well as your own.

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