Your Workplace Wellness Routine Directly Impacts Your Productivity

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Your Workplace Wellness Routine Directly Impacts Your Productivity

Is it perhaps time for a refresh in your workplace wellness routine? Do you ever feel foggy in your thinking as you sit behind your laptop, or even on your way to work? Is it sometimes a challenge to keep your focus through your workday, and keep your motivation up through the weeks? This has happened to a lot of women, and the good news is that it is possible to change. It just requires an optimised wellness routine that works for you. 

At RecruitMyMom, we often write articles with practical steps to help you find great and fulfilling work, but that’s not all we care about. We want you to thrive in life. 

As Kerry Stewart, Founder of YOUnique Life, would put it, these signals are “an invitation to a promotion to live better and do something more to nurture yourself in your body, heart and mind”. 

YOUnique Life is a set of wellness courses and resources designed to help women live to the fullness of their potential. 

We had the opportunity to speak to Kerry about why our daily wellness routine is important and how we can get practical. Afterall, isn’t it a priority for each of us to be the very best version of ourselves at work and in everyday life?  We hope this article reminds you of how accessible a custom wellness routine can be for everyone who is ready to make a change. 


What happens when we don’t have a workplace wellness routine? 


When we are at work, our best days are usually the ones where we feel amazing, have energy, we are productive and adding value to what we do. After all, our work and passion is an expression of who we are

When we don’t put practical, intentional and sometimes small steps in place then we can end up struggling. Taking on tasks may become overwhelming, we may get more headaches, feel foggy and feel overburdened more often. Essentially, when we are not doing well, our work will take a knock. 

It can be easy to get to a point where we feel that we ‘just can’t do it’, but Kerry shares with us that at the end of the day we actually can do it. We are built for it, it’s inside of us to work with impact and to be productive with what we are passionate about. Sometimes we just need a set of simple, practical steps in place.


“You can do it, it’s inside of you! You’ve got that gift, you’ve got that creativity, the talent, you have everything you need to achieve and do what you’re passionate about. And looking after ourselves helps us to do just that.” 


How do I know if there’s something out of place? 

It’s not always easy for us to tell when something isn’t quite operating the way it should be. We can become comfortable in a cycle of things that may not be our best. Here are some of the tell tale signs that you might be needing to look at your wellness routine:

  • From a practical and physical perspective how you wake up in the morning matters. If you don’t wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, then there may be something to look at in your physical health. 
  • When it comes to emotions, if you feel that everything feels heavy and like a burden to you, there might be a small practical way to give yourself a bit of time to process the triggers. 

“Look at your responses to the things in life” says Kerry, “how are you responding to people interpersonally or to different situations? How are you feeling about yourself, what is your attitude to life’s pressures?” If you’re finding negative responses and emotions connected to these things, then these may be areas for you to investigate and nurture. 


Is there a one size fits all approach?

Getting started with a workplace wellness routine can be overwhelming with the amount of information available on the topic. This is where Kerry’s view makes it quite simple, “there is no one size fits all approach to wellness. Everybody is unique and so is their lifestyle. Wellness is a renewed mindset, and it’s about discovering what works well for you and your body from the inside out.”

Often social media has made it about waking up at 5 o’clock to meditate or eat kale 5 times a day and living up to a certain image. However, it’s about simple things that work for your unique lifestyle. This way you remain anchored, and you get to know yourself along the way.

If you can shift your mindset and your thought processes, then you will find that wellness is accessible. It can also boil down to your idea of value, and self-worth. For example, if I don’t feel worthy of taking the time to eat a good breakfast, go for a walk or just take 10 minutes in my day to breathe then I simply won’t do it. 


Top 5 practical tips to getting started with your wellness routine

At the end of the day, it’s exciting because we need to get as practical, and simple as possible. Below are 5 of Kerry’s top practical tips for getting started with your wellness routine.


#1 It’s about routine and planning ahead

“I believe in routines”, says Kerry, “it anchors me, keeps the peace and flow in my home and with my work.” Something as simple as planning your snacks for the work week ahead of time can stop you from grabbing the extra coffees and chocolates to keep your energy up. Even if you are working a hybrid, flexible or remote role, planning snacks and meals can save you time. 


#2 Have a good, wholesome breakfast

There’s nothing worse than running late with a banana and a coffee and then crashing by 10 o’clock.” Kerry explains, “Your body needs the nutrition that comes with a good wholesome breakfast (protein, good fat and a carb - depending on your personal choice) to keep you going through the morning.” 


#3 Get the water in

It can be too easy for us to forget to drink water when sitting behind a desk or even in a job that demands a lot of running around. If you can get yourself a big water bottle or jug you will be more likely to drink what you see.


#4 Take breaks

Taking a break can seem crazy when you are working hard and have a lot on your plate. It’s so important to schedule breaks in and take the time to refresh and reset so you can keep going. Take 15 minutes twice a day in your tea break to walk around, chat to a friend and get some fresh air. Studies have shown that you are so much more productive when you take breaks throughout the day. 


#5 When you feel good, you operate well and give your best

It might be time to look at your ‘getting ready for the day’ process. Getting up and dressed when working from home might seem like a challenge but it does something for your mindset in the day. Doing a bit of exercise or taking some solitude in the morning is also a great way to feel awesome before you start the day. 


When you feel good, you operate well, and you have vitality. Looking good for work, showering, brushing your teeth, and putting on work clothes can make you feel confident and ready for the workday. It’s about valuing yourself and making yourself a priority in caring for your worth.”


Your wellness journey is unique

Part of the wellness journey is about what makes each individual feel good. Discover what you value in your health and life, and then set up a routine that works best for you as an individual. We are all unique and have different lifestyles and needs. 

If you just follow a subscription to someone else’s way of wellness, then it can be easy to start seeing it as a chore. However, when you know what genuinely makes you feel well, then you’ll keep it up and it’ll make you feel great.

At RecruitMyMom, we value a confident, highly skilled female workforce and wouldn’t be around if you weren’t part of that. We hope these practical tips and tools will allow you to be your best, most confident self no matter where you are. If you’re a job-seeker, take some time to check out our current job openings. If you’re an employer looking to hire the right candidate you can load a job today.