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  • The Key for Change: Employment with a Future Mindset The increased demand for flexible working is one of the key driving forces behind the rapidly changing nature of work (source: Key trends for global employers in 2018 by Baker Mackenzie).  It is essential for anyone making employment and... Read More
  • Dressing For An Interview Most people would refuse to turn up at a gym wearing flip-flops and a sundress to run on the treadmill, while a 2-piece business suit would invite ridicule in a spinning class. Neither would be allowed on a golf course. Failure to comply with dress codes would mean having to choose another pastime. Dominoes or Tiddlywinks anyone? It perplexes... Read More
  • Niche Radio Interview Real Relationships – It’s a Flexi World The global workplace landscape is changing substantially with more working flexibility to cater for lifestyle choices, family responsibilities and technology which is making it easier for us to do business anywhere and anytime all over the world. I speak to Phillipa Geard, founder of... Read More
  • Watch your Language: How to Make a Great First Impression If first impressions are made within less than twenty seconds of meeting, our written words create the same impression in our physical absence. We know that a badly written introductory letter or CV can jeopardise one’s interview and job opportunities, while for the already employed, poorly written reports and terribly written... Read More
  • How to Create a Great Cover Letter Did you know that recruiters decide – within five to seven seconds of glancing through a CV – to reject or investigate the contents further? Research indicates that often they don’t even get as far as examining the CV, having discarded a too-short, hastily written cover letter or a lengthy, boringly worded motivation within... Read More